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  • so is the minx easy? i have had few people asking if im doing it.. do u just go to creative and buy the kit then they book you in for the training? do u need a model too hun? xxx
    no not done the minx yet chic. want too tho.. gotta go back to do my gel at some point that i paid for! lol..let me know how the minx goes today :) xxx
    hi huni..doing ok. got my own little salon room above the pub where i live. bit slow at mo but still sorting advertising etc! and i know it takes time to build up clients etc! sometimes have probs with lifting, dont worry yourself tho.. we gotta remember we not been doing it long so it will all come in time. are you just doing nails part time? are u going mobile? cant remember! lol
    big hugs :hug: x
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