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  • hi hun
    hows things going? doing silk and gel at college at the mo ,on a wed nite oh and nail art lol.xx
    Im useing NSI hun. yes cant wait, got a long wait tho ,till sep. Pain a. Want to start now .lolxxxx
    Not doing that well at the moment .lol.but im not one to give trying to find one of them pratice sheets that iv read about on this site but not much luck, never mind a.Ill get there in the end i hope, got loads of time to
    Hi hows you hun? Iv been haveing a go at acrylic today trying to get some pratice in before i start my course in sep.One min its to dry then to wet,lol,never mind need to get lots and lots of
    hi just seen you done siennax course is it good im wanting to do tan course but was stuck between doing sienna or fake bake course x
    I bet legoland was great fun ,bet they loved that bless them.My kids love lego they play for hour ,great
    Thanks Tracy, spent the day in there today doing some of the dressers nails, got a full book for tomorrow, little nervous but I CAN DO IT !!! lol xx
    hi doing my acrylic in sep at college southdowns,just finished my manicure and ped on 26 april.Dont get certificate till sep,god it takes so long.hope you had a good weekend.xxsandraxx
    I was over there for 5 days, but only spent a a couple of hours doing the training.
    I cant get used to the brush either, I try to use it but always go back to my other one.
    I got some money for my birthday the other day so I think I may have to go and buy lots of pink sparkly suff from the nail shop lol.
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