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  • Go to the correct forum for your choice of thread and up in the mid top left hand site you'll see a section or button that says NEW THREAD. Click on it and off you go!
    I don't think Creative have a ball anymore, did you read it somewhere on here? The Event was a training weekend with an award party that they did last year, and I believe is to be held every year. Best bit is to call Sweet Squared, they are the CND distributors for the UK, if there is anything this year, they are the best ones to tell you.
    To edit your profile you need to go into your user control panel under your profile tab and then edit profile . xx (but looks like you've managed?)
    I didn't do a college course, I trained originally with BackScratchers for fibreglass, then converted to Fabric# (which is now discontinued), then Brisa gel and Retention+ (both Creative), from Fabric# onwards I've been very fortunate to train with Gigi (geeg is her Geek name) and she's taught me a LOT. I would recommend you do a conversion with a branded company such as Creative, OPI, NSI, EZFlow etc etc, the training is so much more indepth than with most college courses. Once you get a certificate in Nails from college you can then convert to another brand for your future nail education.
    Hope that helps you a bit :hug: x
    Hello hun...
    Sorry for the late reply. Your guess is as good as mine lol; It has to be our prep from what I can gather... As said it has been a while since ive done any nails, so Im going to save my pennies and go on a one to one with a creative lecturer/assesor to get these small issues corrected, hopefully that will help. So hows things? xx

    Ive used various products at various times, and I have to follow the rest and say that so far Creative are the best Ive used, I am curious about trying ezflow though. I did the creative brisa gel course, found it interesting and very informative, however, I didnt do a gel set for some time after and really forgot how to do it :( Gels do seem easier as its almost a "paint on" effect, but thats not done properly as you need the height (shape of nail) but i get the lifting of the whole nail on them likeyou have explained.

    I havnt done them for a yr or so now, but I love liquid and powder. I did my little nail last night, and guess what? it all lifted off this morning in one place, and Im 100% sure I followed the correct prep procedures!! I have no scrub fresh, which kills bacteria and I think (dont quote me) it dehydrates the nail, temporarily to adhere the acrylic to the nail plate. I used primer instead, which, i have been led to believe does the same thing (again, dnt quote me on this)
    This is all my own opinion from what Ive found out over the yrs, but id love to do my own nails again, today preferably, so if ya find out what to do instead of scrubfresh plz let me know lol.
    Keep in touch!!!
    Hi There

    I know a little bit, havn't been in the game for a while now tbh, and I'm not sure I knew that much before!!! If I can help, then I will hun, however, from what I can tell of this site, there are plenty of proper experienced folk on here, I can get stuck on here for hours just reading advice etc in the forums!! It really is a good site!!

    Keep in touch, and dont give up, you have just embarked on a career path that will inspire and grip you, its a profession, I find, that you just keep learning...

    All the best xx
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