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  • hey hope u dont mind me mailing you...just wondered about this cash machine you have hun - how did u get it? is it complicated to do?
    Hiya thanks for response, it's interesting that your rep said that, just coz it's natural doesn't mean it can't aggravate sensitive skin, that's a bit naughty her telling you that! Although, generally I do find the formulas quite gentle but NYR informed me that they can't add the essential oils to their sensitive range as some sensitive skin types will react. Don't let me put off though, I'm convinced it's a dodgy batch! Thanks for feedback. Geek on! :)
    Hi there, I noticed you use NYR products in your therapies, so do I. I was wondering how you find the soothing starflower range? I bought some but found the smell of it to be quite repulsive, I expected it to be pretty much fragrance free, but this had a strong smell of 'gone off'? Would be interested to know if you have any of these products what the smell of them is like to you. Thanks! Jo x
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