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    NVQ or city and guilds????

    That sounds ok ! my ideal course would be a couple of days a week during the day cos i don't have any good baby sitters for a year starting next week ha ha !! still need advice on the NVQ or city and guilds problem?
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    NVQ or city and guilds????

    Thanks for your answers! maybe i'm a bit impatient and like to get things done yesterday. the thought of having to wait till next september and then doing a whole year seems such a waste of time !!! I know I can do it and am insured to do it now but just for my own peace of mind and to be...
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    NVQ or city and guilds????

    Hi everyone i need a bit of help from you beauty therapists out there!! I have done my NVQ for my nail extentions and now want to get the NVQ level 2 beauty therapy. I have done an intensive course a year ago with Herts And Essex and they were brilliant ,now they do a city and guild which...
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    Please Help-doctors referral!

    Thanks thats really great ! The one thing i am useless at is remembering the contra indications names half of them i can't even pronouce! thanks vicky
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    Please Help-doctors referral!

    [Thanks so much that will help ! i tried to make a start myself and i will add some of your letter to it ! thanks again the next thing i have to do is an after care leaflet lol !at least i have one of those i can get ideas off of thanks vicky
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    Please Help-doctors referral!

    Hi thanks it's just a general letter if i have to reffer anyone to the doctor, just not sure really how to word it! Vicky
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    Please Help-doctors referral!

    Hi eveyone ! I need a bit of help. i have to write a referral letter for my NVQ and i'm not really sure what to say on it ! can anyone give me some ideas. I have to do it tonight to hand it in tomorrow! thanks Vicky
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    Training dilemmas from the south!!

    Hi I trained with star nails which i thought at the time was really good , but Creative didn't seem to rate it much but let me do a conversion course so i could use their products . in my opnion they are better and if i had to do it all again i would have just done my main course with them ! you...
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    Question for beauty therapists.. not nails

    I know that Capital hair and beauty do some courses and also eye lash perming! you can look up courses on their web site . think it's good luck vicky
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    Beauty Training at Herts & Essex Acadamy Anyone been?

    Hi i've been on there course aswell and like the other girls have said it was brilliant . i live in Bournemouth and went and stayed with a friend up there so i could train . would love to go back a do the full body massage course so i can then do the hot stones course!! let us know how you get...
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    whats happened to FIRE & ICE

    Hi yes i know they have shut down all their phone lines . well i paid to get the bournemouth area so have lost £225 . but anyway ! i have found somewhere i can get diamonds so if anyone needs them let me know and i can order them or you!!
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    6 weeks to lose weight!!! help

    I've bought this book aswell and i lost 3lb this week so i'm really happy!!! thats a good price i paid 9.99 for mine! i'll try and remember you login name and see how your getting on!! vicky
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    whats happened to FIRE & ICE

    forgot to say they are the company theat sell the real dimonds for your nails ! vicky
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    whats happened to FIRE & ICE

    Does anyone know whats happened to Fire & Ice??? I can't seem to get in touch with them on any of their contact numbes ! and their web page is shut down? If anyone knows anything please can they let me know!! thanks vicky
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    whats happened to FIRE & ICE???

    Thanks ! i have sent them an e-mail but no reply yet!! i'm quite upset! i put mine back in my nails and they look so nice !! and i know all the brides will like them!! oh well !