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  • Hi Trin, hope you are well. Will you be at PB next week? It would be nice to catch up with you again if you are :hug: x
    I've found it on an old data stick, will put it in my album, check again in a few mins xx
    Thanks, it's a daily struggle not to whack the whole 6.5 stone back on again LOL.
    I looked for the picture too but when they changed the site from Samuel Sweet to Nail Geek then Salon Geek they imported the pictures over but I think it got lost :o(. Sadly I don't think I have it anymore either as Husband deleted my stuff from our hard-drive about a year ago and I lost everything from the last 7 years including wedding photos and stuff. He was not a popular person for a while LOL
    There is not any photos of the nail we were talking about.
    Oh, and well done on the diet you look amazing!
    I was just coming to find you and then you write on my wall lol.
    Im loving my nails, thanks.
    Of course-PINK all the way!
    Hi there long time no see on here....hope you are well and have stopped slaying the brushes lol :HUG:
    You're welcome mate. We have just, well last week, came back from our first ever holiday together :lol:. We went to Australia and stayed with Littlegrohl. I take it it was a fantastic holiday? Col likes camping, I dont:lol: I hope 40 isnt as bad as it sounds, I hit it next year.
    Yes I did, thank you. It's a honour to be in such a brilliant class :hug:
    Hello.....my tesco live chat isn't working lol. Do you know if the dairy and fruit and veg at the bottom of each day is in addition to what you eat in the meal plan? And can you only have the snacks they say, is there any additional, as I am thinking I could eat 3 yogs per day in addition to the meals? I will keep trying to get Tesco but if you know, that would be a great help! Thanks
    Hi Hun,
    How are you? Hope you have a good Christmas.
    How is Sue? Tell her to send email.
    Your baby is sooo cute !!!!!!!
    Love Angela xx
    OMG, I didn't realise that was you! The diet has obviously done wonders to your appearance, and my brain definitely wasn't in gear yesterday! Had 10 for dinner on Sat evening and was finding it hard to concentrate, obviously! Yes, it was fun btw xx
    Sorry I missed you at the CND Open Day yesterday. It would have been nice to have met you :hug: xx
    hiya hun :hug: thank you for the lovely comments in chels blog, you are all making me blush. I soooo wanna meet all of you:hug: Hope everything is going well.
    slayer buds for life!xxxx
    Hi Hun,
    So nice meeting you at weekend, thanks for letting me come to dinner with you too. Keeton is such a hoot...just love him. Get sue to send her email and yours then I can send you the piccys I took.
    Lotsa luv Angela x
    That was a nice thing - to find that link for Pips....I wish I could rep people for blog replies! There's more worthy stuff in there than the threads nowadays! lol! xx
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