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    Halo gel polish

    Hi. What’s the longevity of Halo ? I currently get 3-4 weeks from Gelish. I’m also looking at trying another brand, as I’m finding that Gelish colours are fading and not up to scratch anymore. X
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    Cjel p gel polish

    Thankyou [emoji4]
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    Cjel p gel polish

    How do you find them Trinity ? Do they last? Is the coverage good ?
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    Cjel p gel polish

    Is there anyone else that uses Cjel p ?
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    Cjel p gel polish

    Thankyou, I’ll take a look x
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    Cjel p gel polish

    Hi, I’m looking at changing gel polish brands and wondered what people thought of C jel P ? How long does it last on clients ? I usually get 3-4 weeks from my current system. Thanks [emoji4]
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    Gelish nude

    Tan my hide is my favourite gelish nude.
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    Best acrylic system?

    Cjp x
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    Copper tint

    Hi, I currently use Refectocil tint and I'm looking for a copper colour. Are there any other brands that do copper tint? X
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    Which acrylic

    You should have a look in their website, I got the master kit, it has everything you need apart from a brush. I've just got the cjp size 10 brush, which is brilliant. They also have sample kits( not sure if they're on the site at the minute though?) you won't look back once you've tried it, it's...
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    Which acrylic

    Cjp ! It's amazing! I used to hate doing L&P, but since I started using it I've fell back in love [emoji4]
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    Which acrylic system?

    Cjp, it's amazing !
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    Gelish colours advice!

    Hi, I love Red Roses, it's a proper red( if that makes sense?) Definitely Vegas nights, looks lovely over all colours. Dark blue- I love caution and I heart my instructor( navy has been very popular) My one blue love is very popular You need a good nude, primrose n proper and I orchid you not...
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    Best acrylic system?

    I'm looking to order some cjp, I like the look of the nudes and pink collection, does anyone have these? Are they worth getting?
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    New Gelish product for 2017?

    Oooo, this is exciting [emoji16]