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    CND .. new UV lamp or the older model?

    Hi velveteen, Yes, I too would wait for the new lamp.. ( oh I love shopping for products / equipement ) nothing better than retail therapy... ;)
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    How cheap are the 'cheap' NSS?

    We have recently had a NSS open, in the last few months, and they are not as cheap as say in Sydney. The prices here are : Fullset / p & w ( tip only ) $65.00, infills ( which is take off acrylic by drilling the crap out of your nailbeds, then using an instrument / picker to lift the...
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    New NSS opening up in town

    Hi everyone, Well here is my rant.... We have a new NSS opening up in town next week. I'm a bit shocked I guess, I really only thought it would happy in Major Cities, not large country towns. Besides the fact, we will all have to work our little fingers to the bone, and try to keep and...
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    Acrylic fill time

    If it is a regular client, i know how i have placed the product. So, it can take up to an hour. Today though... OMG. I had a lady come in, who is now going to be a regular, lovely lady, but had to get rid of NSS nails.... it was like, trying to remove cement. All up...... 1.5 hours... but...
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    Clients and herpes, can you do their nails?

    Just regarding the "catching of herpes from a toilet"... Can I catch this virus from toilets, or sharing soap, bath towels, etc? It is generally considered that the spreading of genital herpes through inanimate objects, such as soap, towels, clothing, bed sheets, toilet seats, and spa...
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    Clients and herpes, can you do their nails?

    Hi, Well first of all, it is really is very decent of this person to tell you they actually have the virus. Most people would not. I have been searching some sites for you. Here is a link to a site that may help you. Good Luck. Herpes Prevention
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    Astonishing Nails - anyone tried ?

    Hi, I at present use both CND in everthing + Ez Flow. I love evrything about them both. I will use all the same product with each set, I will not switch and have a bit of that.. if you know what I mean. I have not heard of the company you have mentioned. I would need a lot more...
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    Lifting Acrylics

    Hi, Well it is hard to really say much until you pop up a photo so that we could see. But it could be a number of things. 1. Prep 2. Product placement 3. Products ( are you using the complete set ?? or bits of this and that ? ) 4. Filing That is just to name a few.
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    Files? for extensions

    I too use the CND files, they are magical....but having said that I was given some "young Nail files".....they too are beautiful to work with..:)
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    Hi the Nfu-oh range is AMAZING...... the colours/glitters/polishes/brushes/forms/ everything is so beautiful.....and beautiful to work with. Viv Simmonds is amazing. Google her won't be disappointed. as for the retail, well that depends in every country.... :)
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    New to the nail industry...

    Hi and welcome... there are so many different varieties available now, with clients wishing to try new things all the time. Pink & White are still popular. Natural is becoming more popular, as with the glitters etc..... as long as you place your form or tip on, you can extend the nail bed...
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    Difficult client or bad tech?

    Hi You have handled everything very Professionally & with dignity!! Good luck, all have given excellent advice. I wish you all the best...
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    EzFlow Boogie Nights - I want I want I want!

    Hi, You will not be sorry if you purchase the ez flow is amazing what you can acheive with them..... They are all excellent to work with....... the possibilities are endless....:)
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    Nail canes....WOW!!

    Hi Girls, I use Toni's Canes. They are amazing!! So delicate. so thin, and so easy to use......... you will love them :):) Toni has a wide variety and is coming up with new themes all the time. She is a lovely lady, and loves new ideas for the canes... These canes are so much thinner than...
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    BRIDGE a crazy SHAPE!

    I love the design, the shape, the length, the colour & artwork. Thankyou so much for showing and sharing.....I love it.....:):):)