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  • hey shezybabes, on finishing i am not using electric file, only normal files, to make nails structure good and smooth and i am finishing with topo gloss on the end
    Do you use an elctric nail file in your finishing work. I love your nail they are beautiful
    Thank you for the friend request and the kind comments. I looked at your site, you are a very talented lady!!!
    Thank you for the lovely comments and the friend request... I really enjoyed looking at your work, you're very talented :hug:
    i am using only gel - Astonishing, white enity one but acrylic system sometimes nfu-oh, ezflow, charisma nail innovation
    just wana let know everyone I did change my surname Marta Bartlett if you want find me on FB ;-)))
    GEL - clear IBD, white - Entity One, Cover - Golden Nails, and for acrylics nails, Cover Nfu-oh and clear and white Charisma Nails Innovation...
    Thank you
    just been looking at your album your work is fantastic.
    Can I ask what products do you use?
    Hi my name is Marta Jedrasik and I am from Poland. I didn't know it nails will become my greatest passion. I start in 2008 and I love my work every day more and more. I participated in technican gel courses. I develop my technique nail styling every day.... You can visit my blog... is in polish language. NAILS by Tush
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