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  • Ah thanks, will have a look and see, will bear in mind what you say about the size though cause have enough to carry, will have to get a trailer soon..he he xx
    Hiya, hope you dont mind me asking, but where did you get your polish holder, the one that you can get 48 bottles in, this sounds ideal for me, hope you can remember, thanks Helen xx
    Yep, i'm still there, so you cant be to far away from me then? Thats good to know cause i'm thinking about treating the girls to minx for xmas night out, thats when you came to mind :)
    House up side down at the moment, had a flood then got ripped off by builder who caused another leak. Sould all be back to normal by xmas so they say. Ive been kept going so cant complain although this month things have slowed down. The lazy part of me has been enjoying going home at night and not having to work on lol.
    Have you done the express lash course? I am thinking about it. xx:hug:xx
    Hey Chick, long time no speak. I've not been on in a while. Hope the move went well and your still kept busy busy xx
    Hey, i love tanning but i still work full time in the hospital , and i can finish work in ten yars tim so i would be stupid to finish, but thi keps me in shoes and holidays so its great x
    Ah dont worry, have you seen i am the trainer and rep 1- 2 days a week for puri-tan, i love tanning , so easy and a good laugh x
    Hey lee -ann , giving up lashes, they are doing my head in, do you know of good non semi lashes - ardell?
    Not seen you posting for a while hope all is well and you are busy busy xxxx love
    angela xxx
    Hi Lee-Ann,
    you are absolutely welcome....and you deserved it :O))))
    Cheers and hope all is well?
    Hello TweezerHappy,
    Can I pick your brains?? Noticed you had answered a question on the DD system with Shellace - as part of the procedure you said buff the tops to remove shine - is that with a koala file??
    Still waiting for my Shellac lamp so I can get going!!
    Beautymamma x
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