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    Getting back to basics

    Hi all, I'm an old member that came out of the business a few years ago due to family commitments. I'd love to get back into the industry, but looks like a lot has changed. I was offering my client mobile home beauty and was one of the first in my area to offer this so I had a lot of clientele...
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    Soak off gel polish-which is best?

    hiya all, im sure this will of been asked b4 but i cant find it... which is the best?? i was just going to get salon services own make starter kit just to learn with. but dont want to waste my money.. i have the lamp already. thanks
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    Need help with moving into a salon

    Hiya all, iv been doing mobile 4 2 years and as from last week I went into a salon. Im telling every1 that txts or rings me that I'm in the salon now and prices havnt changed. Last week I only made £70 which mobile I could earn upto £300 a week. Have I made a big mistake? And how can I get the...
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    Renting prices

    I no alot of hairdressers that rent rooms out and charge a % a day. Say 10%.
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    Moving into a salon

    hiya all, i am going into a salon on thursday.. im doing 3 full days, or renting the room.. im really scared.. lol ive been doing beauty mobile for 2 years now and have enjoyed it but the cost of fuels and the running abouts all day has taking its tole on me and my family.. Did any of you...
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    Face cleanser, toner & moisturiser

    I use no7 from boots.. Works fine. X
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    Best glitter acrylic powers?

    hiya all, i was just wondering what make and where is best to get the glitter powders? i have just finished my course and did o few nails with the glitter powder. i loved them.. lol thanks kelly
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    Cluster lashes?

    where does every1 get them from? and what are the prices on them? thanks kelly
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    Stay mobile or rent a room in a salon?

    A friend has give me an idea. I could do my treatments at my own home. Iv got the space has aby1 else done this b4?x
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    Spray tan offers

    I put a new status on my Facebook about 10 times a day. And I make £300 a week mainly just tanning.. I also post on the buy it n sell it pages on Facebook. I much be doing something right. ;)
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    Where to get your acrylics

    Yes she does. But it's only a starter kit. Wanted to stock up on some thinks I will need.x
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    Where to get your acrylics

    hiya all, doing an acrylic course next week and was wondering wheres the bst place and brand are best to use? x
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    where to get your acrylics

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    Stay mobile or rent a room in a salon?

    hiya all, ive been doing mobile beauty for over a year now. i enjoy doing it, but the miles i have put on my car and the time between each customer i could do others.. Ive tanned a lady who owns a hair dressers and she was saying she needed someone to do the beauty as the lass girl moved...
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    Bio Slimming or Shrinking Violet body wraps?

    i do the course on the 11th but im mobile would this treatment still work me doing it mobile?