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  • I've just seen you r FB page, I love your mica fades. I've ordered some mica powders today. Can you give me any tips on applying them as I've not used them before. x
    thanks for my picture comments xxx made me blush xx and well done and congrates on your new job xx
    awww blimey hun, thankyou :hug:
    Its funny you posted actually, because I have been looking back through my old portfolio at some of my earlier nail pics about an hour ago...I was horrified at some of them lol...

    Which navy nails hun ???
    I don't recall navy ones...

    I am all nailed out at the moment lol, I have spent 2 days filling in design and colour boards for clients to look at, saves getting every powder I have out when they want something 'different' lol
    Hey my lovely, I am working from home, however there are a few people that i go and see, one of my clients is housebound, poor girl she is only young!
    Well i was settled in the west end until a new area manager had taken over and we clashed! Rude remarks about my weight, critisized the way i did nails (wouldn't mind but all of my clients were happy) and the pressure i was working 7 days a week 12 hr days, even on my day off i was doing p'work, 2wards the end it was all about making sure me n my girls took X amount of money av of 10k per wk! not about my passion for the ind. Don't get me wrong i am a grafter but the way i was treated tk the biscuit. I was so stressed, didnt see any1 as i was either on the mobile to wk or at wk, it all got too much. Even though i was working in a office i was still doing nails here and there, but have decided 2 throw myself back into it and i am loving it!!! I am sure i will be asking a few questions along my way!!!
    When do you go hunni? x
    Thanks hun!!! It's all very scary!!! hehe! I made a right mess of my nails.....I hadn't slept in days and attempted to mix a nice navy blue shade for the tips with gold sparkle. Didnt work. Ah well!! Got the job, so relieved the interview is out of the way.....just got so much to sort out before I go!!
    Well done for getting the job!!! Really proud of ya!! make sure you stay in touch once you have gone and keep me posted on how you are getting on! Please dont make me jealous of the hot weather LOL!!!! What design did you do on your nails? x
    It got put back to Sunday the 15th because of all the crazy weather. She had to change flights.....so I have another week to get all nervous!! Haha! I am going to attempt something wild on my own nails before I go.....gonna go look for some inspiration!
    Hi, its a job in Cyprus....sounds incredible! I'm so excited and nervous! Hope my flu clears up before the interview!! hehe!
    Hey hun, nice nails after 2 weeks! :) Just out of interest, where abroad are you planning on going? x
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