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    Root melt

    Thanks for your comments. Actually id never thought about rinsing the ends first but think that could be a better way and like you suggested using a mask/ thick conditioner as a barrier. I've seen some tutorial where they do each stage separate but think the bleach would still grab the dark...
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    Root melt

    Hi all. Has anyone an answer as to how you stop a dark as in level 4 and darker from going on the hair you just spent ages on getting the foils or balyage on when you rinse it all out. Yesterday I did a full head balyage technique with bleach on a level 6. Got it up to a brassy 8/9. Washed n...
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    Dark brown hair to a silver/grey

    When you've used the violet toner does the hair go violet colour? If so would the grey target colour be ok over this or is the aim of the toner to get a more white blonde? Thanks
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    Hairdressers working in nursing homes

    Anyone out there doing this and what's it like. I've seen an ad for a vacancy and thought I may follow it up
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    How much do you charge for an elderly lady’s perm?

    Like you I started my career in the perm boom lol. I was interested you mentioned olaplex. I keep hearing young stylists mention this but kinda thought it was something they were using to make over coloured / over processed hair feel better . I see it's quite expensive. Is it really worth it...
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    Working from premises or from home?

    So this is for two taps which most folks don't have now...or do they? Just found a single one. This would be worth a go as very inexpensive. Thanks
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    Working from premises or from home?

    Yes that's a good idea..I've put an ad on FB for self employed stylist truth be told I'm done with salon life but not done with doing hair. I'm even considering mobile but how the heck can you rinse a perm or colour over the sink properly!! Such a good reply. Think being off all this time has...
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    Working from premises or from home?

    I'm in my 50s now and currently still have a small salon. I work about 25 hours a week with a part time lady ( PAYE) ☹️ and travel 30 mins to my salon. Having been off from the salon and having already reduced my hours I now know what I've been thinking for some time and that is better life -...
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    Washing & rinsing over the basin when mobile

    Just had a look on eBay at mobile backwash. I'm guessing you get close to sink and use a jug to pour water from tap and put the outlet pipe in the sink?? Looks really good an not too heavy. Going to look for a mobile trolley to carry equipment now. Oh how things have changed lol.
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    Washing & rinsing over the basin when mobile

    I've been a salon owner for way too long to work for someone else lol and tbh just don't want to be "tied " to the salon. I know it's a more profitable way of earning the money as I've often envied the way the self employed girls breeze in an out but I just fancy the open road. I'm also...
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    Salon start up costs

    I have a nice little well established salon in Matlock Derbyshire for sale if anyone is interested. Selling due to wanting more time to myself . Ideal start up salon as cheap overheads and all fitted out . £7500 New lease available, turnover approx £30,000
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    Washing & rinsing over the basin when mobile

    Hi there I've been a salon based hairdresser for about 30 + years. I'm now wanting to sell my business ( nice litt!e business in Matlock if anyone is interested) and am considering going mobile. Now years ago when we all had two taps at the sink you could buy a rubber push on shower head . How...