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    Do I need to train to do gels?

    Have you got it in writing from your insurers that you are covered? Most insurance companies will only cover you for treatments that you are actually trained in, and if it wasn't covered in your nail course then I doubt they will cover you. Call them for clarification and get them to put any...
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    Facebook business page

    A computer does offer more flexibility and ease of use, no matter how well they develop the app. Be careful of posting the same thing to all social media platforms. Each one works in a different way - Instagram uses hashtag searches, so allows you to put up to 30 on a post, whilst any more than...
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    Client taking legal action as tan hasn’t developed, advice please!

    At what point has she said she's taking legal action?
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    Facial & skincare course

    Legally (and shockingly) you are not required to hold any qualifications. Best practice, is of course, a different thing. You need to make sure the course you take is recognised by the insurance company you want to go with and the suppliers you want to use. You then need to make sure that your...
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    Facebook business page

    The best way to do it is on a computer. You will see the profile pic of the account you are using at the bottom of each page. Just click it and you can change it. I manage about 40 different Facebook pages so I'm constantly flicking between them.
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    Facial route advice

    You ALWAYS need a qualification. This is not only for insurance purposes, but also to give you a good understanding of what is happening. It might look easy to perform but you need to understand how it works and what it does so that you are aware of any contra-indications. Are your clients...
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    Last minute cancellations

    It doesn't matter how much you charge for your treatments, you are still within your rights to charge a non-refundable booking fee (not a deposit, you have to give those back). If you do introduce this, make sure that you make it clear to everyone when they make their booking or you won't be...
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    Professional brand skincare

    Ok, I would suggest you book a couple of facials so that you can try them for yourself. The only way to successfully retail skincare is to completely love it yourself, so try before you buy. When you look at retailing, see where else it is available. Dermalogica can be bought in department...
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    Should I make the leap?

    I find that very often the 20 year old supermodel beauty therapists are the most off putting in the industry. When you're old, fat and less than perfect, like me, these girls are intimidating, so don't think you're old and uncool, you're experienced and approachable.
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    Retailing in a home based salon

    Do you take card payments? If so, is it possible to promote the products on your social media and accept payments for them over the phone? Then you're not just selling to the people who are booking appointments.
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    Prices for services that aren't that popular?

    If they're not that popular, why waste money on products for treatments that don't make you anything? Take them off your treatment menu and concentrate on the stuff people are actually booking and asking for.
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    Professional brand skincare

    What experiences have you had with these brands? Have you tried them? What are you looking for in a skincare brand? Do you want to offer pampering facials or results driven ones? Are there any other salons in your local area offering either of these brands? Are you looking to make money from...
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    How to promote my home salon the right way?

    They key to ALL social media is engagement. Your platforms only show your posts to a small percentage of the people that follow you. If you get engagement like likes, shares or comments, then the platforms recognise that it must be good quality content and shows it to more people. Make sure you...
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    Facebook selling site advertising

    Advertising in selling sites is hit and miss. Don't rely on them, as many put a stop to businesses advertising after a while. Have a think about who your typical customer is? Are they an affluent older lady who lunches or a 20 year old Love Island wannabe? When you work this out, you're better...
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    How to market my business

    Draw up an image of your ideal customer. How old are they, where do they work, how much money do they have, what's their favourite TV programme? It sounds silly, but when you know who you want to attract, you can come up with more effective ways of reaching them.