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  • Hey Faye, nice to meet you today, finally managed to find you on here through Claires page but cannot friend req you fo some unknown reason xoxoxo
    I work from neals yard remedies one morning a fortnight and do mobile bits n pieces too, but business is soooooooo slow at the moment! Also I'm really busy with other things so want to give it a big marketing push over the summer :) what about you?
    I've only just seen your message to me, because I'm a technofool! I live in the Centre of Cambridge near the Grafton - what about you? xx
    Still not really picking up but i'm trying to train in a few more areas and add treatments so hopefully the more i can offer the more people will ring. Thanks for asking.
    do you do the suntanna spray tan still? i live in huntingdon and im having trouble finding people that use it... can you help me?
    Thank you for your enquiry, yes we offer training with the purchase of the wrap. If you want to send me your email address I will send you an information pack that gives the more info on the products, costs & profit etc.
    Look forward to hearing from you soon
    Kindest regards
    Hi faye
    hope you got my message about not being able to make last night. i hope you all had a good time. Would love to have met up, maybe another time!
    Loo x
    Hi, I'm afraid I won't be able to make it on Friday. No-one to look after kids plus I would have to drive so no xmas drink :rolleyes: Let me know if you plan anything similar another time as I would love to meet some local geeks!
    I'll see if I can find someone to have the kids. Where are you planning on going?
    I'll be giving you a ring b4 then to sort it out, I'm crap with finding places, as you know, lol, are you driving?? I can get a lift in and I'll either give Jon a ring to come get me or I'll get a cab, Can't be too late/drunk anyway as I have bookings from 9.30 on the Sat. Claire x
    Lol, I phoned Emma the other day I meant to say, whoops, yep sounds good, errr where is it, lol. Cx
    Hi Faye, yes was good to meet you too! In a way I was pleased that it was not too busy as it was my first at one of these do's. I will give you a call soon as I'm in need of some treatments! x
    hi hunny, im getting my minx this friday now so tell you friend she can call me whenever xxx
    Hi - sorry took my time to reply! glad to hear all good for you, I am not massively busy as yet, I am waiting for that sudden boom to go and I will be in demand. Have changed a bit of my products etc, don't do waxing anymore but have recently done a threading course. Have had a busy time with family lately which is lovely. be good x
    Hi, yes I'm in Cottenham, Cambs. Guinea pigs would be great lol I'm really struggling!
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