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  • Hey there hun, hope you and the family are all keeping well. I now have a new laptop so, fingers crossed, will be getting online more frequently.

    How is it all going? Well I hope.

    Trish xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
    Hi hun, thanks for asking, driving lesson went really well i was a little bit nervous but yeah i loved it.xx
    Hi there hun, well I will be a nail tech and beauty therapist (which is what I trained to be originally) as I will be doing both.

    Good luck with your theory test, I am sure you will be fine. Once you have your test you can at least you can travel around either to a job in another town or as a mobile tech.

    Oh and I trained with Tracey, who is known as Sparklybits on here. Its her I am going to work for.

    Trish xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
    Hey there hun, not been on for a while. Hope you are OK. I am just about finished my Young Nails course now, got my final assessment on Sunday. Also start work on 24th March. Like you cant find anything local so I am having to drive 18 miles there and 18 miles back home again, but I cant wait, am soooooooooooo excited.

    Have you found anything yet? What did you decide about barbering, are you going for it?

    Trish xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
    Thanks for my picture comment when i use the black i have 2 dappen dishes one for my black and then other for the rest of the overlay! x
    Cnd's green and white buffer used after the girlfriend is brilliant. Ezflows snow monkey used with miracle shine is ace too hun xxxxx
    I've never used glaze and go hun, well I have once I think, maybe you should try another one or just buff the nails up to a shine xxxxx
    Thank you so much for the pic comment, it isn't great but at least it's better than what was there :lol: xxxx
    It was hun, but since I have sculpted it the pain is almost gone, wasn't pleasant doing it though! :lol:
    Thanks for your comment sweetie but I am sure you did better than me. :)

    I did my first full set on my daughter this afternoon, only took 2 1/2 hours, and I had to soak off one hand as it was such rubbish and do it again:irked:

    Not sure I am going to post those pics:lol:, though she thinks that they ar'nt too bad. A couple of them are OK'ish but I think the rest are pants, but I have learned a lot this afternoon.

    Only 4 more sets to do before the 15th and my next session with Tracey :eek:.

    Trish xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
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