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    Waxing disaster

    You mentioned stretching. Make sure that you have the client lying in completely flat position as they are more stretched out, it makes a big difference if they are tilted even a little bit. As someone said waxing is a skill and you will be learning for ages. I once waxed half an eyebrow off...
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    Dog sitters/boarding Colchester?

    I'm probably too late. I lived in Colchester before moving to South Africa last year. Tried a few dog sitters and walkers while there. The best best best by far was Steven:
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    Looking for beauty room to rent - near Diss in Norfolk

    Hi All, I am going to be relocating back to the UK, have been living in South Africa for a year or so. I will be living somewhere around Norwich/Diss and am looking for a beauty room to rent in an established hair salon / clinic that does complimentary therapies. Thanks!
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    Marketing /advertising

    Hi, besides a website one of the best places I found was on the back window of my car. It is what people see behind you in traffic and when youare parked at supermarket etc. Vinyl stick on lettering was under £50. I know people who had the magnetic signs on the side - no one sees those. Make...
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    Just lost my first clients to DIY

    Yup, just let them try to do their own Hollywood or do their own back massage.
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    Just lost my first clients to DIY

    Some people wanted painted nails, some want a professional manicured look (a decent finish!). Ive seen nails people have done themselves - they look rubbish in most cases, no nice crisp margin and streaky. People have bought nail polish for years and happily had rubbish paint jobs (flooded...
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    Suntana & Fresh Indulgence

    Fresh indulgence have the electric (fast) tan as well as golden tan range (called Revive) or a mocha range (called Carribean indulgence). My clients rave about the fade off and the colour plus percentage variations in each mean there is something to suit everyone.
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    What skin care do you use?

    Eve Taylor. Since I started using it people regularly tell me that I have lovely skin.
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    Gelish is from Hand and Nail Harmony UK
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    What nails are you sporting today?

    My first ever set of l&p sculpts on myself, also first set of stilleto/almond ever with glitter and colour shack pigment encased.
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    Christmas naughtiness?

    Home made Christmas cake - Delia's recipe. Only problem is you have to wait!!! Currently feeding mine brandy at regular intervals.
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    Client record cards not being filled in

    Wouldn't it be funny if you let them get ready for their treatment. Took one look at their legs / arms / face and said "eh, I don't think so." lol
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    LVL lashes

    Salon Systems advise not doing so so if you use them you can't. Thuya on the other hand you can, and use salon systems silicone shields. Thuya also have a regeneration serum. I trained with an lvl professional using all lvl products. It is same result.
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    Gelish not lasting on clients thumbs

    Could it be thumb nail habit tic causing it themselves?