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unas escarlata

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  • Oh I no what you mean, doing my toes always gives me back ache!! I am in Bulford, we only moved here in October (military) so not sure how far away you are? xx
    thanks unas, i was totally disregarded on that one. so appreciate the acknowledgement.
    Sorry just seen your message! Yeah not bad thanks had no clomplaints and people are coming back so must be ok fingers crossed x
    Going through Radiotherapy every day now. I have about three and a half weeks to go and getting very tired and skin is sore. Apart from that I am back working part time and feeling better for that, I missed all my clients while I was away xxx
    Saw these and thought of your friend! Spray tan disposable Nose Filters for safer spray tanning - First Class Postage | eBay
    hi unas, i often think of your friend. how is she doing? it's a tough time for you all. x
    Oh my darling don't worry, I haven't said much on here about it. Trying to get my own head around it first. Long old journey but I have good doctors and my son and husband are looking after me. Thank you for being concerned xxx
    You must be frustrated, one day though. Its hot today, as every day, but it´s too hot to enjoy if you know what I mean - the tourists love it cos they are on the beach all day, but us "workers" are indoors until about 8pm, when it cools down!!!!I love living here though, and you will too. Meet you soon Carole x ps look on the Spanish geek page, we hope to arrange a weekend in a villa at the end of summer.
    And you my lovely :) I don't usually get that up close and personal the first time I meet someone, lol! :D
    I haven't looked but I can guess what you're talking about:) Luv ya!

    Thanks for the rep sweetheart. xxx
    You are welcome! Hahaha, maybe i could tell a little, but i think you completely made your point and everyone needs to stop blaming other people that they can't hold on to their clients. I did a few short courses, including Kim's intimate wax and it was one of the best courses i did xx
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