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  • Thank you.
    Although I trained with Bio Sculpture 3 or 4 years ago, I am only JUST learning to use a computer after trying to avoid them for so long, I am now starting to get addicted. There seems soooooooooooo much to learn in both fields. thanks again for you help
    yea not bad here..........bloody cold though!!!! did my gel training with akzentz gel, just need to practice, any tips on painting on the white to get it nice and straight?? strugled witht he sculpting with it, it's soooo different from L&P, should be all done for my waxing byt he end of this month beginning of jabuary too, more confident on some areas than others, so paractice on willing and unwilling people too he he, that's good you are busy, moer clients, more cash lol, usefull at this time of year!! x
    Hello mrs, hows things, been getting into any more trouble lol, are you busy with the xmas holidays looming?? x
    I'm really really sorry... I feel bad that you thought you were being ignored... my dad has been very sick for a while and he died in June and I lost the will to Geek,.. but I'm back now.. whoops after saying that here's my hubbie home.. gotta go and make the dins.. he he the glamour of it all.. thanks for being my friend by the way x x x
    Just wanted to give you a big warm welcome to Salon Geek... sorry I only saw your message in the Irish Geek group just now... this is a great site and I can't believe how much I've learned from it .. I'm sure you'll love it too x x x
    thought I would leave you your fist message..........................Hiiiiiiii lol :)
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