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  • Wow Niina, your album is amazing, Do you mix loose glitters or are they all odessy ?
    hi niina.there is not a tutorial for the method using the ears of a white tip.this is something i did myself and just took a before,during and after pics in my album.there is a tutorial for the method of building a free edge without forms,which i see you are viewing whilst i am writing this,lol.both are great methods which have helped me alot.x
    Moi Nina! Huomasin juuri Sam Biddlelin sivuilta että Hän on tulossa Ruotsiin toukokuussa 2009. Mua kiinnostaisi kauheasti mennä sinne...olisitko sä kiinnostunut semmosesta?
    Yes i have Perfect Monomer by Nfu.Oh. Almost all the powders have a lovely pearly effect to them. Ok, let me know your scedule:):)
    Hello! You rock babe:) Your nails were fab!
    I got my Nfu.Oh powders from, really fast delivery and got some freebies. The colors are really sweet (i got garden 1&2) and powders themselves are good. Im used to use EzFlow colored powders, they differ in my op so takes little to get the right mix/ratio.
    We r going to move to Riihimäki in a week so we r living beside the same railwaytracks, must vist u sometimes. But u r def so booked...maybe next spring you can spare some time fo me...hehh:)
    Heyja!There is a pic in my gallery, green glitter nail:) I have been on MissLis site many times. Almost have booked my class already with CND though...but its good to know that there are other fab products on the market.How was your holiday?:hug:
    Moikka!I got inspired and made my nails during holiday:) So i think i will visit you some other time. By the way...i am thinking about converting to L&P. How did you find ONS training? My first choice at the moment is CND...
    I will get back to you on that. My hubby has summer holiday now and we r travelling all around Finland and Estonia, so i´ll see you perhaps in august:hug:.Would be so great to meet a fellow Geek:)
    So did I, u do a fab work:hug:. And how much i would love somebody else doing my nails...:wink2:
    hi niina thanks for request..sure i will be your friend..could not resist a peek at your summer 08 album ,they are beautiful..
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