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  • Hi, I've been looking at nail courses for beginners part time and wondered what you might suggest, i live in Coventry
    Marie x
    hi,thanks for replying. would you be interested in sellling the spare filters?
    how much would you want for them and how many have you got?
    i could send the payment via paypal if you could post them
    Gaynor xx
    Where do you teach Shellac? Im also wondering which CND courses are best to complete?Im booked in to train Shellac next week at Ellisons.
    Thank you my Shellac & Minx training today. So wished I had done it a while back however I have taken so much from it my future in nails will never be the same again. CND rock! Many thanks. I look forward to hearing more about Brisa Lite. Sarah x
    ….. (¯`v´¯)♥
    … (
    / ♥♥ Thank You for all your support... I really do appreciate all the guidance this site and people like yourself have to offer! Happy Yule
    Just been looking through your pictures and they are beautiful!! I can't wait to finish my manicure course as in desperate to train in Shellac and Brisa....I hope I will eventually be producing beautiful nails like you. Love Lucy xx
    Good GOD!!!... We weren't already friends?? :lol:... how the hell did that happen? :lol:
    It all sounds exciting to me. Let me know about the 121's and what you are thinking. Just did a 121 yesterday with a guy and Brisa and he also did great. So glad you are thrilled with Brisa .. everyone is who tries it. lol In my opinion all they need to do is to try it.
    LOVE Mama Scratch. I feel so good about this. You finally have great support and can maybe get on with what you want to do!! How are you feeling? Better I hope? Miss you too! :hug: Will see you again in the New Year I hope. xx
    Hi Gemma, just had a look at your shellac pics, omg they look fab!!!!!!!im going to do shellac attack next month, sooooo excited! i will be buying some products on the day, what colours do you find are most popular?
    Hi Gemma it was nice to meet you on monday. Just looked through your albums to have a nosey and you have some beautifully paintd nails there! Contrats on becoming a Shellac EA lucky you im so envious! xxx
    Thank you. The pics are FAB and I really appreciate you creating an album for us 'oldies' who don't do facebook. :hug:
    how do u promote it?? all my clients are l&P enhancements! it seem to be the next big thing in the nail world!!!
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