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  • Thanks for the rep my darling. Nice to see you about again too, not seen you for a while xxx
    Thankyou poppet!
    Im hoping to work for them in a professional manner soon as a trainer, fingers crossed.
    Hope you didnt think I was putting you up to doing so for me; I just get lots of people saying the same as you which is fab, and hopefully better if said people hear the feedback!
    Thanks once again
    Matt. x
    Thanks for the rep Chris! Hope all is well with you. I finally bought the couch like yours. I love it!xx
    Thanks for the rep Christine. She hasn't sent me her number yet so don't know if she will be interested x
    Thanks for looking but don't worry, I have some of those already (mine always seem to go hard before I get to the bottom!!) I'm sure I will build a collection up beore long the way I'm going through them it just my ocd making me impatient!!

    Many thanks for taking the time to look

    Heather x
    Hi Hun, did you have any luck with the empty shellac bottles, would be much appreciated :o)) xx
    Thankyou Christine. That's really nice of you. Will have to let you know when we are free as I'm doing a college course on my day off and Sundays are spent doing my assignments which is why I had to take a day off to do the course. Hope you are well and I will be in touch. Thanks againx x x
    You are welcome i think they do £15 pound off for a first order so if you have never ordered before ask them ive just noticed on my emails if you quote eb27 before 31st oct they will give you 10% off off everything.
    Hi Chris, yes I do and I really really like it. It has changed my skin so much. The only downside is it isn't very well known out there.
    It was a toss up for me between Nimue and Environ. What won me over was packaging really Nimue looks so classy whereas Environ packaging was a bit old fashioned.
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