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  • Hiya hunni! Nope, I am not going. I had to choose between Gmex and The Event. Hmmm... I am glad I did Gmex and the comp...:-D Btw. My trophy isn't crystal, it's PLASTIC! :-D Hug C.
    Hi huni, no I am not going, got dental nightmare here. It is costing me a small fortune. Love your website. I am looing for a new shop to rent space in in the city, long story, but hey ho them are the breaks......... call me huni its been ages xxxx
    No I took it off because vetty is doing me a set of stilettos tomorrow. I did manage to take it off in one go so I can stick in in my scapebook (how sad am I) lol. It was really lovely meeting you and all the other geeks. xxx
    thank you it was lovely to see you too, and a massive well done it was great seeing you pick up a trophy you deserved it hun xxx
    Hey hun
    Thanks very much. A huge welldone to you too. As for Ant watching out I think it will be along time till I am at his standard. But would love to compete against him again as it gives you a bit of fighting spirt lol Take care X
    Isnt she fantastic how easy she makes everything look? Just as if there was nothing to it! And I love her humor - what a great person!!!!
    It was lovely to see you again too Chris. I am so sad that you wont be at the event and will miss you not being there x x x :cry:
    Aw, it's been very hectic here too! Ups, my client came... Have to go... See ya! Hug C.
    I'm here in the UK. After today, I woun't have aq single minute as every second is accounted for. We will miss you but there will be many more special things to come. xxx
    Great work Chris........pic of you comp nails is fabulous. I think my fave in your album though is your Guild entry with the keys. Beautiful work. Glad you are back in your competition stride lol!!
    It was fab to see yout oo....i wish you were coming to the Event. Must try to get together again soon....don't foreget there's a free Bio lesson here for you whenever you want it! xxx
    So nice meeting you at the show hope you had a good time and see you soon!
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