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  • My website had been completely deleted and re done in the last few months, and is about to be re done again. It was offline for so long I had to start from scratch so lost the couple of links i had. :0/
    Fantastic...its the in the diary, and I shall really look forward to that! Will buzz you beforehand to make full arrangements! xxx
    Don't believe your Bio could be that bad! Shame you can't make The Event....are you going to G-mex instead? Nightmare that week in Sept....I have 3 big weddings on and doing the whole wedding party for each one, nails, tans and make-up....& Graeme is away! W/c 22nd Sept not looking bad (apart from the Wed)! Hows that one with you? xx
    Hello sweetie....just though I'd poke my nose in and say Boo! Must organise that get together soon....my L&P is atrocious at the moment...more peaks and troughs than Snowdonia! :lol:

    Have you decided if you are going in Oct yet? x
    Thankyou for giving me the link hun...the nails on your site are beautiful,
    I have saved your page to my favourites xxxx
    excuse me mrs !!!!!
    Why have you not got any albums in here !!!
    I come to gawp at your competition nails lol
    Ekk i have just realised that i will not be in the novice cat at the comps as i have been doing nails for just over 2 yrs, i have to try and compete against the likes of you gulp xxx
    I owe you an appology my darling when I posted on the comps I had just spoken to Rachel who was having a meeting on Fri to discuss the themes etc she was totally shocked on the latest news as are we all.
    Love Joxx
    Hi Christine
    How are you keeping hun,
    and do you have any more news on if the comps are going to be taking place at manchester in october, i tried to find your thread to see if anyone had added to it but i could not find it xxx
    Hi huni, brother is doing great and back to work..... Richard is fine, money is very tight but hey ho, thats life lol xxx How are you doing????
    Most welcome hun. At the moment im pushing forward my skincare treatments and getting booked up. Ive got my regular nail clients but not 100% sure if I can take new ones on. Its a difficult balancing act! xx
    Hi Christine....i am well,very well....just so busy,i am head therapist at Grayshott spa,and loving it....will never leave salon geek though! xxx
    Thank you, I hope i look better than I did anyway lol...Can honestly say it has been pain free and I cnt wait to meet 'me'..x
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