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  • I know exactly what you mean... I'm close to having to schedule in loo breaks and showers LOL... the housework has taken a back seat!!!
    But... like you... I'm making hay while the sun shines and not moaning about the number of hours I'm working... it all adds up and keeps the bank manager happy lol xxx
    I definitely haven't lost my accent - not allowed to! Thanks for your lovely comments and good luck with the conversion! It is a fab forum. Where are you doing your conversion?
    lol, do you still have your glesga accent lol? I'm doing a cnd conversion course next month- can't wait, just hope I can achieve a fraction of the talent you have. you should use the car key picccie as and advert, well cnd should along with geegs (that's if they don't already). Some really talented techs on this forum x
    Hi there

    whereabouts in glasgow are you originally from? I've been living in queenspark for the last 13 yrs and Castlemilk before (sshh don't tell anyone:lol:).
    Ooooo that could be dangerous, I recall a certain drunken night at our last get together hahah (and sadly you have the video evidence) xx
    Ah I thought it was you! Have you joined our new Grumpies group? You might have a laugh there once we all get moaning! xxx
    Thank you sweetie, it is very kind of you to let me know how you feel. I do feel a bit guilty but I think so many of us feel let down. I feel for the distributors and educators as well but they are either being quiet or still defending the company. I just don't see where they fit into the whole thing now. Maybe educating in Sallys but surely the distribution side will nose dive? Anyway thanks again and lots of love. Do you know that this is the first time that I have noticed you are holding a dog in the photo and not a baby. I really must wear my glasses more often! xxx
    Hi hun! Thanks for the rep. Not heard anything from your fibreglass lady yet... have been crazy-busy, but would've done my best to fit her in with one of us. xx
    just seen the rep you left me a couple of months ago, thanks. Can't you tell I don't look at this area very often?!!
    Thank you so much for that lovely comment and your encouragement... that really means a lot! :hug:
    Many happy returns of the day Chris ... hope you're having a lovely birthday :hug: x
    Hi Chris! Yes, I am :) The website has been a little temperamental recently but I have had some orders come thru over the weekend and I checked it just now and it's working. If you still can't get on, just email me what you would like and I'll sort it. Thank you Sweetie, I will probably be at Excel as a therapist but not as a distributor. Just need to make a plan for the bambino! xx
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