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  • thanks babe ... don't always get the time to hang out on here so usually flying visits ! good to see you babe ... just realised ive posted a reply to someone on my own visitor message board ! doh xx
    Ive just been looking at your website, your nails are AMAZING!! Im just about to start my very first nail course next month, Im really looking forward to it I just hope that I can do nails and pass!!
    Im not sure how far Iam from you as I live in Peterborough, but I would love to a model for you sometime.
    Angie (NEW GEEK)
    Hi Christine!!
    Had a look at your site and its fab.Love all the certificates - they do look the part and i wish i had that many (i only have 3 lol)!!
    Like MrsCools, I to am in love with your desk!!! Could you please let me know where you got it from too!!!!

    Thank you v much xxxxx
    ARGH, it's a pity we never met up! Will you be at Gmex or Olympia? I hadn't any plans of going to Olympia, until I found out that I can get a very cheap flight....:) Maybe, maybe... :-D
    Hi Christine

    I love the look of your new salon, so calm and warm. Could you please tell me where you purchased your desk from and also do you know the depth of it?

    Thanks in advance x
    Hey hun. I did pop over to the comp section and saw you working away hard. By the time Id come back round I couldnt see you! We must of missed each other x
    Did I see you today, without noticing it was you????????????? (So many people, so many names, so many nick-names....)
    Hey huni, I wont be at the show. I am off to germany tomorrow evening, its party and brother visiting time...... have a voddy and orange on me though xxxx
    Hi chris. Sorry I was unable to make it to the phone to speak to you today. Was nice of you to send a client my way. Thankyou. Wishing you luck for the comps and hopefully see you there monday. Will keep a looky out for you xxx
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