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  • Sounds good to me, I am going on the sunday are you ? Where are you based now ? xx
    I'm having discussions with GMG about this at the minute ... I'll bring you acopy for sure but may only be able to take cash for it as we have no visa facility at the show (at the moment anyway ... I'm workin on it).. xx
    Ive completely forgotten I have family from wales down on the monday. I may be able to make it between clients on Tuesday. Sorry to be a total pain in the bum! xx
    Thankyou hun we were on the london eye! Well im off on monday so that would be fine by me. Have a dentist appointment at 2.45. Would before or after then suit you better? Ive just a few days ago rebalanced my own gels, what typical timing! x
    Hi chris! Sorry ive not been in touch. Have definately not forgotten about popping to see you. You just say what day suits and i'll pop along for a brew and a chat xx
    Seriously ...in Glasgow!!...Tomorrow!!!!
    Why was I not informed sooner????
    I will be on some retail therapy in Glasgow tomorrow we could walk past each other and not know!! :lol:
    any model joy yet??.... ive got my thinking cap on hunnio......... if i can think of anything ill let you know.... total last resort for me was going down the queue of ppl to get in..... but id not recommend that one!... far to stressful!
    j xoxo
    Hi Gabi, Didn't reach France. We like the Hereford/Worcester area so much, we have settled here. I have just set up in a salon and working very hard to get clients through the door. Big hugs xxx
    Hello Christine,i am finally becoming a biosculpture tecnitian!
    Did you buy a property in France...i think it was you,yes?
    Hope you are well mon amie xx...Gabi xx
    All the very best of wishes Christine,

    Here's wishing 2008 brings all you hope and pray for!

    Christi xx
    HAPPY NEW YEAR TO EVERYONE! All these new thingys on the site have me confused big time so bear with me xxx
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