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  • Thanks for the rep! I shall look forward to hearing what range you go with. For me it was the most exciting bit of the business, finally getting to choose the product range I wanted to use and enjoyed using, to be honest if they'd said I couldn't use Decleor I'd probably rather not have a salon at all!!!

    I don't feel sexy now that I have put loads of weight on - should update the picture really xx
    No, won't be there unfortunately, will try to be at the next Excel though, find it a lot easier to get to than Olympia xx
    Ellooooooooo :) Was lovely to meet you yesterday, you have given me more to think about and am curently having a nose on the harmony web site ! And thank you for thre book, it has become the bedtime read !! Hopefully see you again soon.
    Traraaaa for now
    claire :)
    Hi Chris, I am getting on great with it, everyone who has tried it really likes it! had a couple of regulars comment on how well it fades too - have you tried it yet? xx
    Sorry about the realllly late reply.

    You seem to be doing well, I can imagine how busy you must be as I am half way through my business course and working part-time in a salon and that can take it out of me at times, so the joyful stress of running your own business and studying must be keeping you on your toes lol.

    I'm glad to here it is all going so well for you.

    I didn't go to the last show either, but I'm hoping to be going to the one in September as EzFlow and Nail Harmony (which we have just got in at the salon) will both be there. So if you decide to go let me know and maybe we can have a quick catch up.

    Its ridiculous how much like his daddy he is!! But just looking above and seeing how much your daughter is like you too!!! :hug:
    Oh right .... I am with you know .... so its your niece in the pic with the great smile ,
    she is very pretty :) x minky
    Hello. Haven't spoken to you in a while so I thought I'd send you a quick message to see how you are? Hope all is going well with the business and nails.
    Annabel x
    Hi Urban Geek, thank you for the lovely birthday wish :) x minky
    Ps I love your gorgeous snuggly cuddly baby doggie in your pic :)
    Typical Chris, I was ill all day yesterday still helped angela and went to the party but felt crappy. Saw GP today and I still have laryngitis but no bronchitis but pain in lungs is muscular damage from all the coughing and im exhausted. Been told I have to rest for next few days so tommorow night is cancelled, angela not up to it either so if Im up to it gonna visit saturday night. So gonna spend next few days chilling, on internet, doing some textiles/millinery and watching telly. But im gonna stay in as much as poss and rest up just go out to take dogs out! xx
    Thanks Chris, I'm ok, just having to take things easy for a while this latest infection really took it out of me, been ill nearly 3 weeks. Still remaining positive and getting out everyday. Today is my best friends 40th so am helping her get ready for a house party soon and then Saturday night its party night. We're all going to Haworth theres a 40's theme weekend so we are all getting dressed up, some lasses coming round to mine so I can help them get ready!! Cant wait gonna be sooo much fun. Not sure what gonna be most fun getting ready or going out lol :D :hug:

    anne xx
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