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  • Sandi... were we not already friends??... weird I really could have sworn we were... maybe I pissed you off when you were "on one" and you ditched me and now I'm back in!! :lol:
    Thanks for commenting on my Shellac layering combos. Have I mentioned (LATELY), I LOVE SHELLAC?!?!?!? :hug:
    We have often posted at the very same time with the same thing and it's getting really funny now... I really think we're morphing into the same person! :lol:
    Boo back. I can't sleep! But was just contemplating turning the light out. Lol. I miss you. You've been a busy gal. Loved all the photos. A looks so grown up now. You,ve been in my thoughts though.
    hi sandi, just added a pic of her in my albums!
    found out yesterday that she has a little hole in her heart, nothing as severe as samanthas, nor as operable as joels , just a little one that should close up and go, next check up in 6 months time so fingers crossed for that, doesnt time fly, cant believe your two are back here in uk and that youre looking to move back too, hope it all goes well for you all, hardly have time to get on geek nowadays or facebook so will check in now and then but my email is i will get emails through on my blackberry look forwrad to hearing from you again soon take care my friend xxxxxx
    Sandi, I'm doing just fine! Not been in my own home salon since 2009 went to work in a salon
    During 2010, then moved back to my home town , as I find I was expecting, then found out I had two detached retinas!!
    Possibly due to pressure from being pregnant, so had my first ever opersation at 23 weeks pregnant
    Well scared, now have plastic buckle around my eyeball but its saved my sight!! Then lilah born one week early on 24th june, I tell u sandi I'm besotted!
    Dannii is back in my life she is a star struck big sister now and joel is a proud big brother! My life is immensely changed, gary my new partner is a god send and love of my life
    My life could not be more different yet its so fulfilled now I'd love to send u a pic of her but not sure how to xxxxxx I'm hoping that u r all ok and life is treating u well xxxxxxxx
    Oh babe it was bloody fandabbydozieamazing, loved every minute of it. I am so proud right now of being a part of CND Loving it! Just really sad that its all over for the moment, Ketan has asked me to go teach some classes at his academy in london which I am a little stunned at, we had such a laugh today with karen, we were the only 3 left who stayed at the hotel last night, and Ketan helped me get back to the motorway as I didnt have a clue where I was going, only thing was I ended up going down the M1 with him when I really needed to turn off and go down the A1, we pulled into a services and had a laugh about that. Ended up adding nearly an our onto my journey home. Gigi was missed and we toasted to 'Dele thursday night.
    And I am slightly proud of my response to, inside I was really wanting to say something completly different but I put on my EA professional head when I replied. xxxx
    OMG I finally succumbed just couldn't hold it back any longer, a weekend off geek at regionals did this to me lol so I blame the GMG And CND. But I tried to be as diplomatic as possible and constructive also. I think I am growing up a little..... lol xxxxx
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