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  • Hi Vanessa,
    I wonder if I could pick your brains again. I have found a Gelish course but now need to find a Nail Tech course to re-train. I can't seem to find any information on this I have e-mailed several times but no results for Nail Harmony Cardiff Cardiff.
    Thanks Jo.x
    Hey Vanessa see you post about an online booking system and thought you might like to check out who I use they are called Appointment-Diary.com - Online Appointment Diary and Scheduling Software can't fault them and I'd say about 60% of my clients book online now! Feel free to look at my site or have a chat about it, I'm no teccy but use the system no probs. K x
    Yep, lucky me I'm on holiday this week so did both day's, mind you I thought I'd get to play with idea's today and ended up letting Kay do a full set of nails on me, that girl is going to go far, she's saving like mad to do a training course lol
    Hi hun it was good to meet you at the play day lol hope we can do it again someday xx
    Hi Vanessa
    Thanks for that - it really was a great hekp to meet you all yesterday and I can't wait to do some more training in the future. Thanks for your contact details as well, it's fab to know that you are at the end of the phone if I need you!
    Off to practice some smile lines !!
    Loz xx
    Hi Vanessa,
    I hope you are well and having a great X-mas holiday.
    Vanessa, I understand you are a trainer for Celebrity Secret spray tan. I am looking to bring a spray tan product to my salon from March and am undecided between this and Sienna X. I have not seen that either of these companies will be at Professional Beauty in March. Do you know if Celebrity Secret will be there? If not, do you know if they will have any special offers around that time? My budget is £500.00
    PS: I enjoyed La Chat day with you and Julia.
    Anca x
    Hi i have just sent you a message on face book then noticed you are on here.I need to do a set of party nails on a 12 year old dont know how to do it.I wont do l&p but her Mum asked me what i could do as she wants nice long nails for a family party ?
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