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  • You sound like me! I haven't done nails for ages then I was also made redundant this year. I have a part time job working for Apple but have always missed doing nails. I had a successful home nail salon for 3 years and then I continued once I came back from Cyprus but my main career took over.
    Now I am going back to nails as a job I enjoy but getting up to speed on the latest stuff is mind blowing but lots of fun!
    I love l&p but I've had shellac too which is amazing! Ill never offer regular varnishing I don't think. Wish it had been around when I had my salon. I would made lots of cash for sure lol!
    Since your shoulder problems, it must be a god send? I've often wondered about kBioSculpture. It was the outlay that put me off. How are you finding it?
    Hi - I had a 4 year break then got made redundant so went back to nails about 2 years ago. Found Shellac and was amazed it's so brilliant. I have since taken on Bio Sculpture this year for the people with naf nails that need more strength than Shellac. Don't do buffing any more since a shoulder op so soak offs are great for me. Took on tanning this year too but that hasn't really taken off and am doing a wax course in January. Don't know about you but I found the industry has really moved on quickly you really have to keep up lol! x
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