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    Mobile Shellac

    Have you thought about Roo beauty cases? They also have wheels which you don't have to tilt the case to wheel like a lot of suitcases have these days. Bit more expensive but I think you do get what you pay for at the end of the day. I guess t depends on your budget xx
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    Need wax advice, help!

    If clients are asking how long you've been performing treatments then it would suggest that they realise you are new to the treatment. Clients aren't stupid especially if they have had the treatment many times before! This place sounds like a nightmare for you. No wonder the salon can't keep...
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    Perron Rigot consistency help!

    Hi guys! Im looking for some help on the temperature and consistency of the Cristel Ocean and Euroblonde waxes. I have been trying a few different brands and I can't seem to get the temperature right of these particular waxes. I use the heaters from Sallys, a 1000c for the strip wax and the...
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    Monu at Home

    Whats your favourite thing about using Monu? Are the retails sales good? How was the training? Lots of questions! Any help would be great x
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    Monu at Home

    Hi! Does anyone know if Monu still offering their products via a home selling party programme? The website is closed so wasn't sure what was going on and of course they're closed today and Im dying to find out! Im looking to take on a facial brand for the first time and really liked the...
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    Best lash lift?

    Salon System do not sell the small shields only medium and large. You definitely need the small shields as Ive found a lot of women especially if they're older need them as their lashes are so much shorter. I trained with LVL but now use a website called Semi Permanent Eyelash Extension...
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    HD brows

    You don't tint the skin in any brow service. Any excess is removed with a colour remover lotion so it shouldn't leave anything on the skin at all. Further definition is with the addition of make up. HTHs. Im trained in HD Brows and its definitely more than a tint and wax. We tint using a...
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    LVL techs, which colour and brand tint do you use?

    Ive stayed with the Hairwell tints as I find they last a great deal longer than others. Seem to tricky to get hold of unless you get them from LVL direct though. I think Refectocil is a brand on a similar footing.
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    Waxing problem areas

    No I didn't use an oil beforehand, just a pre clean solution. I use Sallys (mainly for ease as Im fed up with extortionate postage costs) and they have a few after wax oils but not pre. Im not scared of man handling as it were, but this has really knocked my confidence. This lady hairs were...
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    Waxing problem areas

    Need some help please! I have waxed a lady who had strong hairs from the belly down to the toes. I found it really tricky as Im new to waxing and I felt that I could have done a much better job. My main problem was that the thigh areas were very wobbly (although she wasn't fat) and I...
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    Boots No 7 colour match

    Olga is great isn't she! I'll def pass on your thanks :-)
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    CND Retention+

    It's cuticle work, scrub fresh then nail fresh then primer but I'd be shocked you needed all 3 with Retention Plus. I agree with the others, proper prep is all you need :-)
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    Boots No 7 colour match

    Hi. I work on the No7 counter in Plymouth and I find the device for colour matching to be very good but we are all trained to test on the face too and look with our eyes as well to ensure the best match. If unsure we also give very generous samples of any if our products if you want to try...
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    Brisa Lite Smoothing Gel under Gelish?

    I've done it loads. I use shellac but the salon where I work doesn't as the owner doesn't like it. I don't have have a massive colour choice so my clients in variably choose from the 100s of Gelish we also do. I use the Brisa base coat and smoothing gel then finish with the coloured gel and...
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    Lash lift

    I have to say this is my most requested treatment at the moment. I did the LVL training which I found to be very good. The best results do tend to be on people with longer lashes but it really does help to open up the eye area.