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  • Yeah it was fine I nearly ran out of time but still passed! Where I went wrong was to focus on thing at a time, where as I should have thought of ways to save time. Think about how u could do as few cures as possible. She doesn't help u but it's not as any way as formal as I thought it would be. She also passed everyone, giving constructive feedback to those that weren't do great. U will be fine xxx
    yaaaaaaaay! I'm really pleased it went well and u feel u have made right choice. Think u have to take the forums with a pinch of salt-great to pick up tips, but people do love a moan! The south west distribution centre are really helpful too-if I have any tech problems I always ring them first for help, then if doesnt work I try on here!
    Did u learn with the new led lamp? x
    did my training in June and Exam in October. I didnt have a tunic so just wore own clothes. There was a mix of peeps like me and peeps in tunics. R u from a salon or just by self? x
    Thanks for your advise, i cannot find anything on young nails in barnstable, do you know of a web address or phone number?
    No problem, sorry for the delayed response, I fell ill pretty suddenly last week and only just back in the office. At the moment, it's just clear and we don't have any immediate plans for colours, but it is something we are considering. Nicola xx
    Just re read my last post, I meant I found the sensitive better than the normal glue. Lashes seem to last better and workability is better but as I said think I will invest in a different glue when I get the chance.x
    Mine neither. How did you find the non sensitive glue? I found it not as good as the sensitive. I'm actually thinking of using a different glue. My problem is there never seems to be enough light for me. X
    Yes it was good thanks. We had 3 pairs of us. Was a struggle for light but ok. I liked the fact we had to do several case studies. That helped build confidence. What did you think? X
    Hello,thank you for the friend request. I note you're an Amazing lash technician as well,like me ;-). X
    hi sam, im quite new to this site so im not really sure what im doing lol im hoping ive accepted your friend request,are you on facebook as i tend to use that more then i do this one xx
    i would love you to, i use seinna x aswell, is there anywhere i can inbox u my number, id love to be your acrylic model, we all need the practise, its something i want to do aswell, im stuck between doing nails, or nvq3 beauty massage/ microdermabrasion or hairdressing, lol..so much choice...i did two tans today and was really happy with the results, are you on facebook at all im on there most days as sometimes i dnt have phone creds, cheers Abbe,x
    No im doing mobiling at the moment, started off with the spray tans and body wraps, but i cant find anyone good enough to do my tans, lol...its early days so im trying to build up clientelle. Can you do tans?? Cheers Abbe.x
    Hi, sorry the only thing I can find now for ONS is this odyssey-nails.co.uk | Odyssey Nails System I'm afraid to say the company I was supposedly working for took plenty of money off us for products and 'training' and then ignored us. I believe ONS pulled out but we were left completely in the dark. I am now an Education Ambassador for CND which is the best thing I have ever done. Good luck in your career. xx
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