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  • Was lovely chatting tonight and good to have you back too, see you soon xxxx :hug: xxx
    nikkiguthrie, thank you for your comment!It is very kind of you!Sorry if my answer took long time to appear here... I started to work with L&P and Gel in 2007-2008(?) , natural nail care since 2002.
    Thank you for compliment:)
    Forgive my ignorance by I have no idea what is Lomo:) I use usual sony dsc-w35- cost about £60 but does the job..i think:)I'd love to buy nice professional camera but always have something more important to spend on(woman:):)x
    Hey thanks for the comment on my pic! My page is slowly starting to look like everyone elses...! Your images are amazing - Do you use a Lomo camera to take you photos? x
    Susan, if you send me a link on tutorial- no problem! It will take ages to find it there:)
    hi vanish, do you mind if i ask a favour from you.
    on the russian nailclub website there is a tutorial for the 'pipe' nail. if you go all the way through it there is a tutorial of how it is done in gel. can you tell me how long to cure the gel for before applying the clamp to make the shape please.
    i have tried using the translator but its useless. the words come in english but they make no sense.
    i am grateful for your help. susan xx
    Thank you Geeks 1000 times!!!!!
    I didn't dare even to dream about it!!(I'm telling a lie of cause, I was! driaming to have this kit- NFU is no doubt one of the best product on the market and such a plesure to work with!!! )Can not believe still it has happened though:)
    Congratulations to all enteries!!!!!!xxxx
    Congrats on your win, it was a gorgeous design loved it as soon as I saw it, is it hand painted?. Have fun with your NFU.Oh products

    anne xx
    CONGRATULATIONS !!!!!!!!!!!
    Your's was one of my faves too... well deserved 1st place hunny :hug:
    oooo you are going to have so much fun with your prize !!!!
    awww I am made up for you :hug: xxx
    Thank you Sandii! I didn't expect such an honor, I thought if I will be one of 5 it would great already:)And you send me a text with such a news! I won't be able to sleep tonight:)xxxxx
    Goldie758, thank you for coming and your husband for waiting:) I'm glad you pleased with them!xx
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