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    Has anyone had the IMAGINAIL nail art system used on them?

    The NSS a my local mall has one. I'm considering trying it out.
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    strut entries

    I have one in the junior division, but I'm not allowed to say which it is. If you look at what I've got on my nail art page at http://www.nailsbychristel.com though, you can probably guess.
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    Do you charge extra for French polish?

    Thanks! We do international shipping as well. :)
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    Do you charge extra for French polish?

    I never used to, but the place I work at now charges an extra 10$ (US) for it, and I'm thrilled because it takes me longer. (I'm super picky and perfectionist about it) They also book me an extra 15 minutes for it, so long as the client remembers to mention it when they book their appointment.
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    Why I Am Not An Artist

    *I posted this in my blog, and I like how it turned out, so thought I'd post it here :) I was an art major in college. During my third year, one of my TAs, whom I loved and greatly admired, told me that while she thought my work was very innovative and skillfully executed, she felt it was...
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    Difficult questions from clients

    Thank you! That really helps alot.
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    Difficult questions from clients

    I just moved thousands of miles away from my home and got a new job in a spa right away. I did not leave under the best of circumstances (left my husband after he hit me) and I am really unsure how to respond when clients ask me personal questions (ie: What made you move here? Are you married...
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    My first male client for acrylic nails!

    I've done sculpts on guys just for the pinky nails before. Some of them were definately gay, and some I'm not sure. They all got nail art too. Fancy looking $, and crosses usually. I thought it looked pretty neat, myself.
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    client asking inappropriate questions.

    I have a client who comes in about once a month for a mani/pedi and she's always asking questions or making comments about the lack of business, and the spa closing. The spa *is* struggling a little, but is nowhere near closing it's doors, and it's none of her business anyway. I've tried just...
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    Mixing Business with Pleasure

    Do you ever become friends with any of your clients outside of the salon? I've been invited to go clubbing with one of my good clients and I'd like to go. She's a very nice girl and a wonderful client. Is this a bad idea?
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    What should I do?

    Hi everyone. Things are not going well and I need some opinions. For the last three months I have been steadily trying to build my clientele at the gym/day spa where I work. I no longer have that ability. I need a reliable income *now*. My sister, who used to watch my daughter for me when I was...
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    The nieghbor's cat threw up on my doormat...

    but I'm still happy because today a photographer came during my 1 o'clock pedicure appointment today and took photos for the Albuquerque Journal. They are running a story in about a week about Women's gyms with day spa services for their business section, and I am going to be featured in it! Yay! :)
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    What products do you retail?

    Which ones sell the best?
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    L&P Backfill questions..

    Thanks. I was wondering if I didn't file off enough of the old product, but it was taking me so long as it was. How do you manage to do it in under three hours? I was using a 100 file. Should I have been using a heavier grit?
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    L&P Backfill questions..

    Ok, I did a L&P backfill today for a client today and was really unhappy with how it turned out. I could see kind of a "ghost" line underneath the white where the previous white line started on most of the nails. It may have been because she had gotten her set somewhere else and the white color...