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  • I have access to your blog but can't add a comment :confused: Good to see you back (on your best behaviour lol) and hope that awful weather on your side of the world hasn't caused you any grief.
    I've read your mini tirade against me in, what, three times in different places now Geeg including the various names and nasty little side phrases you've afforded to me. Were you afraid I'd miss what you had to say? Despite your need to shout, I think you've made your point. You're upset. I get it. The ban threats and the snide remarks about my character have not gone unnoticed. Neither has the support I've received for which I am grateful. But quite frankly, I'm surprised at just how venomous you've been. I can't for the life of me see anything in my Visitor Box that anyone would deem offensive or provocative nor do I see why you have to be rude and derogatory but if that's how you deal with your anger then so be it. You're only hurting yourself with this behaviour.

    I'm truly sorry if I have offended you which, obviously, I have. And I'm also sorry if not being a 'yes man' is a disappointment to you but, really, I've acknowledged my actions and have dealt with any issues privately and have since moved on. I think you should too.
    To be honest, BOTH people (and this includes you) in this sad scenario have behaved very badly and neither one comes out of it smelling of roses.

    One of the two is very well loved in our community and is a fabby geek who we all admire and who is our friend. We know her and understand her because we know her and your pseudo psycho babble and pontificating to someone you do not even know or consider a friend was completely uncalled for.

    The reaction of the other was also completely wrong and against the site rules. Very angry and very provoked by you but still completely wrong and it was absolutely right to delete the blog before things got any more out of hand (with or without a pm). NOTHING TO DO WITH FREEDOM OF SPEECH, BUT ALL ABOUT ABIDING BY THE RULES OF THIS SITE and frankly just plain old decent behavior towards others in the same community. You are still provoking even now here in your message box.
    Mosaicgal, thank you for you comments regarding my now deleted blog :) However, I do agree with you about the comment I made regarding the transvestite issue and I support my post being deleted. Irrespective of whether I thought the person to be fake (which I do), in hindsight I should've left it. I'm not sure why I didn't but I own my behaviour, won't blame it on an off day and feel your comments are justified in that regard. Thank you for telling me honestly and not in a nasty, backhanded manner as some have chosen to do behind the cloak of PM.
    I hope you saw my comment on your blog before it was deleted....did you delete the blog or was it deleted for you? I would love to know why ;)
    Wow... I just read your blog entry from today and I have to say I really enjoyed it! (posting pics) I found it very positive and obviously meant as a reminder to us all of why we are probably all here.. to support one another professionally and help when we can...and to generally show respect to each other, as the world has enough misery in it and why would we want to contribute to THAT?! .. at least that's how I read it. You sound like a very positive and helpful person! KUDOS! I have to say...I can't believe you are the same person who contributed to the 'Transvestite/Transexual wanting nails in NY' thread! THAT came across as a very rude attack! Guess we all have an 'off' day sometimes!
    Have agreed with you on several posts and always find you interesting. Nice to see you hadn't even noticed me though!:cry:
    Givin love and respect for your "no nonsense" approach to the Professional Status for Beauty Industry Therapists! Why can't there be more like you - eh? :)

    Hugs, etc, J x
    We use text a lot as it avoids being interupted when with clients, so yes it is fairly normal now.
    MsAqua, I'm glad you found it useful and I hope your client is alright.

    One of the first things drummed into me as a student was to never treat a nail disorder. Sometimes the best service we can offer a client is not to provide a nail service at all.
    Hi Velveteen, A quick note to say thanks for valuable advice you provided in relation to "Greenies". Interesting, we are taught that it is ok to treat and overlay, but I since learn this is not always correct! My client has been battling through this issue for about 9 weeks and I know this had gone on way too long! Anyway, your advice was interesting and very helpful, so thanks. Msaqua (Lisa)
    Thanks for the friend add.. I tried to add you but there was something wrong with your page... but all looks ok now (think it was just my computer) :)
    Thank you :) Very kind of you to comment. It's certainly turned things upside down. But still getting into the nails and honing skills. I'll cross the bridges as I come to them.
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