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    Expanding Aesthetic Business from Mobile to Consulting Room - Discounts????

    Agree - reward the retained...and shout about this approach to attract the new. Just consider at what point a discount kicks in. For me it's a 5th wax...keeping my service high value, client has already become loyal & is then not likely to be promiscuous... a simple, transparent system that has...
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    Should the industry be regulated?

    This subject stirs me, (...a normally quiet geek that only pipes up once in a blue moon!!). So for what it's worth...I joined industry 3 yrs ago from pharma background-highly regulated & was shocked at lack of clarity, info & transparency around any beauty industry governance- that where exists...
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    Waxing Men !

    Andy "Axiom" is THE best manscaping trainer in the business...from noses to toes et al!
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    Petrified at having my first Brazilian - advice?

    The good thing about our industry is that we learn new and effective ways of doing all of our treatments. Just that some choose not to grasp the opportunity. Interesting thread (....& very telling!). Whilst perhaps not helpful to deem certain waxing positions "unethical" in a public forum...
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    hot wax??

    Slap you? CV but I do recommend you change your brand of toothpaste!!! Berins is indeed my hard wax of choice....flexible, great with stubborn hair, & sets quickly with pliability - I do mix the blue with jet set in the summer months for speed set...(which does go a lovely minty blue...
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    Maintain degree of undress- Bikini wax?

    Hahaha!! I'll be saying to clients.."can you tell what it is yet?! No neither can I!!" Just had a future flash...we'll be offering hypnosis to convince clients they have no hair and/or keyhole Brazilians...via the bellybutton!!!
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    cannot open PR jasmin oil

    Haha fabulous ...Euroblonde hummus anyone? (..hey Lycon watch out-could be mileage! :P)
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    Working from a garden office

    What a shame sounds like you've found the 'business prevention' planning officer! I have a garden studio & my local council were actually very supportive, didn't get into traffic impact at all just basics around size/positioning. I got them to review the spec I was considering & they confirmed...
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    Marketing Advice

    Agreed – and I’d extend... to a more effective & accountable structure of governance across the industry .....with many outcomes namely ridding landscape where learning/accreditation is linked to insurance (which is *mostly* driven by commercial motivations not maintaining & raising industry...
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    Portable air con unit - any recommendations?

    Hello lovely geeks - input welcomed. My (3x4) garden cabin is hotting up and I'm currently exploring portable cooling or air con units - what a minefield! Nothing professionally installed mind, just something I can retail buy,plug and play when needed (mostly after a client just to cool &...
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    Double dipping news please read

    There's many a thread on the age-old discussion on the rights/wrongs of double dipping, what people think/do. Habia's waxing code of practice has always been the reference for many insurance standards: So regardless of what you...
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    Male intimate waxing & erections!

    As already mentioned - it happens but importantly doesn't affect waxing process. Questions about it from male clients prior to booking are very common and are a very normal/legit concern...your confident response here can make the difference in reassuring a client (& getting a booking) and...
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    Brow Shaping Disaster

    bless you - prevention easier than cure! hard/hot wax far kinder on the skin and used with an oil barrier really helps protect it. AND thorough consultation prior ...there really are sooo many things that can contribute to brow grazing - text-book obvious and not-so obvious eg many basic high...
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    Intimate waxing .. is there a demand for it

    Clickerty-click on my profile! X
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    Intimate waxing .. is there a demand for it

    Basic bik (outside pant line) tends to be covered in protocols for any basic waxing - so check your specific insurer for waxing a minor but parental permission and presence needed for those under 16 yrs - few threads on this so worth a search. Tend to define intimate waxing as all that is "pants...