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  • Hi there
    Hope it is ok to contact you here,
    I was just wondering if you could help me I am looking for someone who can help me with creation of the flyer for my home base beauty room. I had one professional person who created my website which I love and he started with my business cards and flyer but unfortunately as he said to me he can not guarantee 100 % that he will be able to finished them due to the work load. He is happy to share what he created so far if needed or if you happy just do it from scratch. but I wanted to keep the same picture which is on my website as a front for my flyer. if you interested please could you let me know your rates.
    P.S my website is valentinasessence.co.uk
    Thank you
    Love your work you have done for all the salon geekers.I have recommended you to my daughter she will be e mailing you
    Hi I'm looking to have a logo designed and I see from the forums you are highly recommended ... How do I go about messaging you about this ? Thanks Karen x
    hi carl, just wandering if u could give me an idea on how much it would cost me for name and logo im very new to all this and im struggling with ideas, i am going to b starting up my own mobile nail business, anna.xx
    Hi Carl, I like the name Vanilla beauty the themes you suggested sound good also. how much would it be for a logo and a website. Thanks x
    Hello Carl, I hope you don't mind me messaging you, I am desperate for a logo and I am a complete novice , I have been looking through the forum and you come highly recommended , kind regards Toni x should also add I need a website too ;-) , ...could you let me know your prices please xx
    Hello Carl,
    I am interested in having a logo designed. I am just starting up in mobile massage and tanning. I have looked at some of your examples and they look great. How much do you charge? I have a basic idea of what i like.
    Hi Carl, would you be able to design a logo for me please. I am useless with art and catchy logos. Thanks in advance
    Hi Carl, I currently have a 'website' which I did my self but TBH its rubbish, could you send me some price options on building a new one pleeease?
    Many thanks Tinax
    Hi Carl. I am interested in having a logo desgned. I currently use a picture I took, but have looked at some of your examples and they look great. How much do you charge?
    Hi Carl, i'm interesting in getting some flyers and pricelists made and would really like a logo creating and noticed you have a good reputation, what would I need to do to get the ball rolling?
    I'm interested in re doing my brochures please could you send me details & prices - many thanks )
    Hi looking foe a website and flyers heard you were the man i was vistaprint but no good.if you could send me info on price thank x
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