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  • :lol: Thanks V for the rep that would have been if you didn't need to spread the lurve lmao xoxoxox
    You're welcome. And same here! I always wonder if they sound as helpful out loud as they do in my head. Haha. :)
    Oooh will head on over and take a look - did notice there were not so many new ones here but they are all lovely! x
    Ah you are so welcome :) Going to have flick through your pics now - the one on the cover to the side here looks amazing!
    Thanks for the rep hunni, I did make me laugh because I haven't quite got used to her avatar and tbh I dont often look at the names of who posts just what they post, so it made me LOL when I saw my name coz I had to check who it was posting pmsl xoxoxo
    I had read that it was your time of the month so allowed for that when I replied LOL! I really like my ! and am becoming paranoid about using them along with calling people 'my darling'...
    :wink2:Thanks for the rep sweetie and thanks again for being a good girl. LOL... (see no exclamation marks) It's really hard though
    Ha ha ha...if you hover over your blue squares it says a funny message. Mine was 'Michelleharman loves the smell of napalm in the morning'. Mind you it now says 'Michelleharman sees dead people'! Yours is the top one I think...something about having a grand in your pocket :cool:
    Aww thanks for the rep...and for moving me on from loving the smell of napalm in the morning...cos I don't :lol:
    hello hun had another look through your shellac pics on fb they are just brilliant!
    Many years i went to Canada i visited ottawa, Toronto, montreal and niagara on the lake totally fell in love with montreal and a lovely bell boy called jerry ha ha. Still remember his name fifteen years on.
    Anyway hun just thought I'd say hi on geek.
    Love n hugs Laura the nail beautique x x x
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