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  • Hi Victoria, I've just seen some of ur Halloween pics their fantastic, can u tell me how u did the glitter tips, did u premix the glitter with clear gel or did u dip it in the clear then dip it in the glitter I'm having problems with trying out these xx
    I wanted to rep you for your post in that deleted posts topic but it wouldn't let me with out spreading the love first lol........Couldn't agree with you more though xxx
    Ok sounds good, thanks for the info. You do no buffing at all on the natural nails right? Gelish seems to be the most popular gel polish out there, good to hear about the Shellac, again thanks!
    Victoria, just being nosey on the client with the lifting nails...please us know how it pans out. :D
    Hi Victoria!! Hope this message finds you well...I was reading a thread about Shellac and how you rave about this product. How long have you been using Shellac and may I ask what are the other 6 gel polishes you've tried? I'm in the market of looking, lol and really having a hard time with a decision. I have used Akzentz gel polishes and the only way to get them to stay on was to use affixit over the entire nail making them a nightmare to remove. All my clients will not go back to getting them on due to the fact that they say their nails are thinner, even with the clients that I did application and removal for. Looking forward to hearing from you, take care!
    Many thanks so much for rep - and for a really interesting and thought-provoking thread.
    Always enjoy your posts; great debater. xx
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