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    You will be sincerely missed xoxox

    You will be sincerely missed xoxox
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    Sad news about Minkus

    I was very sad to hear of her passing on Facebook today. I remember her from back in the day when this was 'nailgeek'. She was a valued contributor to these forums and to the industry and she will be missed!!
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    CND Solar Oil Mani Campaign Poster

    Thought you would all like to see my pride and joy ;-)
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    Comment by 'VHunter' in media 'CultureComp2011 PlayingHockey'

    Hi luv! thanks! Been a while. I don't get here as often as most peeps are on FB these days and I get tonnes of messages there. I'm good, and you?? xoxo
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    Shellac chips on my nails

    There is no such thing as "most effective soak off gel polish". Just as there is no such thing as "most effective acrylic" or uv gel, or shampoo, or soap. Different strokes for different folks. I'm a CND Tech. I don't use other systems. I've tried many, and found what I love. I would...
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    Shellac chips on my nails

    Ok, "fixed the one that broke" Did you bend/break your natural nail? If yes, there's your answer. Shellac is NOT an enhancement system. It is UNIQUE. Other 'similar' products are thinner viscosity uv gel with colour. That is NOT what Shellac is. It's a Power Polish, so it doesn't offer...
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    Is it possible for my client to have really oily nails?

    nail plates do not have sebaceous glands, and so aren't oily. HOWEVER, they could have oil on them from the surrounding skin. BUT there aren't any sebaceous glands there either as sebaceous glands are found at the bottom of hair follicles. If there's oil, it's from elsewhere, or touching...
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    Nails | Famous Names Launch Unique Strengthening Treatment

    so how does it work exactly?
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    Cleaning the outside of a UV lamp?

    NO ACETONE... it'll eat away at the finish. Even acetone-free remover HAS acetone, it's just buffered/diluted. Think about it: enhancements (gel or l&p or shellac or similar) all contain acrylates and are 'plastics' and acetone MELTS that....... The lamp is PLASTIC. Any alcohol based product...
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    Including Limited Edition how many Shellac shades now?

    I have every last one of them, and will continue to buy every colour as it comes out. Sometimes that slight difference in shade or hue makes ALLLLLLLLLLLLLLL the difference to the client. It also dramatically changes layering effects. Client's can be funny birds. They sometimes want a...
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    Nails | The Death Of Nail Art?

    I don't know where they get their numbers, but I'm inclined to think they don't know how to use a calculator. Nail art is on the UPSWING becoming more popular and mainstream than ever. 70-80yr old women are wearing it now. I'd venture to say that for the last several years, 95% of my clients...
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    I get my Flex Wrap aka 'Vet Wrap' aka 'Sports Wrap' from my Veterinarian for less than I'd pay anywhere else. I order it by the case. It's also available at sports stores, and pharmacies (at least in Canada it is) and marketed under the brand 3M but that's MEGA pricey and about 3x the cost.
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    Thinking of you again......... miss you xo

    Thinking of you again......... miss you xo
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    Boxer dog in home based salon

    LMFAO I soooo have to giggle at this one. They all have ONE face... the SAD face LOL Ok maybe two, the 'duh' face ROFL We always laugh at our Willow, and say in a funny voice "awwww who killed my cat???" because she always looks sad! hahahaha Popular t-shirt YUP, walks and busy bones...