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  • Just thought I would let you know, you have your page set to allow anyone to edit it! I just managed to change something on it so I would get that checked asap as anyone could sagotage! Sorry I had to attempt at changing something and clicking save to see what would happen as i didn't believe it would work but it did!
    Hey oh no worries! I know, one week! God I know, I knew it would happen! Just fingers crossed that is it for the snow now and we can get there no problem! Take care and see you next week! x
    Hey hun how are you? You getting excited to start? Only a month to go yay! Well, 5 weeks I think. My nail trainer is sat there crying out to be used! lol x
    Oooh its great you got your training a bit earlier than January then !!! Yeah we paired up on the course I am on, it could be different for you though so just in case dont think too much about it. Its how we went through practising, we would watch the tutor, then do a nail on each other whilst under supervision, great way of learning! Searched for the book loooks like its something I could do with, so thanks for that babes, hope youve had a good day x
    Oooh yes,I think its best to stick with that advice, I am glad that I did. It does sound like a lot to take in I know, and it is but some how it just all go's in and I think because you stop and do bits after you watch the trainer do it, it helps you to remember it. I had my moments where I went blank but who ever youre paired with to do a nail on should give you a helping hand.. you help eachother type of thing and all the info sinks in. Bet its a nightmare having to wait til Dec id be tearing my hair out by now hehe :D x What books have you picked up> I dont know of any so will be interesting to see
    Yeah you know I even mailed my trainer and asked her if there was a safe way of getting some bits together and having a go- she said its best to wait til the course starts so we avoid getting into any bad habits and she was right you know, once you start doing something that isnt what we should be doing its hard to shake it off haha! I know how you feel with wanting to have a go its hard to resist !!! Course has been really enjoyable so far and the other girls on it are ace too which helps lol.. in two days we did sculpting tips, pink and whites, nail tip and overlay and went through things like hygene and prep, over exposure etc etc, look forward to the next lot! How long til you start now?x
    Hiya, I saw your posts in one of the threads and thought Id drop by and say hi! Im Rachel and I started to re train recently with ez flow. I felt the same when I waiting to begin the course, I couldnt wait to get going! Had no kit though so it made it that little bit easier for me :) Good luck x
    the first 2 days were a blur- quite a lot to take in, but you keep getting mini quizzes so it goes in eventually.

    The 3rd day was hilarious- L&P overload, tips flicking all over the place, enhancements like shovels- no only joking but it was harder than it looked.

    just stay positive and relax would be best advice and keep your sense of humour. Some people are like WOW straight away but the rest of us are only human!

    Hope you enjoy, can't wait to get my certificate now!
    I'm part way through my 5 day foundation course, the final practical assessment day is fri 10th sept.

    How about you
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