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    Which CND Shellac colour is closest to these nails?

    I need these 2 solid colours in Shellac. Im going field fox but the only other closest to the other I can think of is married to the mauve, but that seems to dark? Any suggestions?
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    How can I get this look?

    I get asked for this glittery French in shellac so many times. I can't ever seem to find a polish to do the job, am I missing something!? I have the usual shimmers such as grapefruit and even vip status but they are not as bold. Was thinking ice vapour but Iv searched it and no one seems to have...
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    Would like a professional opinion on my Nouveau eyelashes

    I had nouveau eyelashes done yesterday for my hen do, iv never had them before but i cant believe how sore and sharp they feel! They also dont look like i thought they would. Im mostly wanting to know your opinions as i was planning on keeping them in for the wedding in 2 weeks time and...
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    Can't keep nails on my sister!

    Exactly - Thats the answer to your question. The next time, charge her full price i bet they would last a hell of a lot longer. If you dont want to ask her to pay, dont do them. Tell her its obviously not working for her. Stop wasting your products, time and skill!
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    Kids climbing over mum while having a treatment

    I have a (nearly) 2 year old and i wouldnt dream of booking any kind of treatment while he was running around with no one else here. It would be a miracle if he stayed occupied for a hour+ without wanting to touch any nail things. Thankfully the situation has only happened to me once or twice...
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    Hi Caz. Please could i have some info on the flirties training? Thank you! x

    Hi Caz. Please could i have some info on the flirties training? Thank you! x
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    Patch test for a eyelash tint - She says I don't need one?

    Hello everyone! I am a nail geek and have just popped over because i need some professional advice! ( hope iv posted in the right place!) I have been wanting a eyelash tint and perm for agesss so finally decided to book. It is so hard to find someone who does this, almost impossible! Why is...
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    D Sperse question!

    I know it did didnt it! but then i checked, it says use Scrubfresh, did a search on here and someone said you can only use scrubfresh. So as said i just wanted to confirm it.. just incase S2 made a mistake when typing it on there. Anyway.. Thank you both, im super impressed by my...
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    D Sperse question!

    Hello everyone! Iv just been to order a few things from S2 .. and it says this about Dsperse - Isoprpyl Alcohol for gel dispersmant layer removal - perfect for Shellac and Brisa. So i know this sounds silly but i just want to confirm as i have always used scrub fresh, can Dsperse be used to...
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    Pinching tool!? Thoughts please...

    There is lots of info / views on this here .. Hope that helps x
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    Very upset with stamping kit!

    Well.. shouldnt this be your upset with Monster bundle and not **? Dont know much about the monster bundle, but i seem to be thinking MB come with a clear seal over the plate. You could check if theres anything there that needs peeling off first. Worth a check until you get some more answers...
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    DIY acrylics!

    I dont so much hate that they are doing it - because i know they are gonna end up giving up because they are getting rubbish results. I hate that some people will sit in front of you telling you that they are gonna do it on them, and then on everyone, as if its just as easy as that, as if our...
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    Anyone know what this condition is?

    Thanks ladies, your all blooming fantastic! :biggrin:
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    Anyone know what this condition is?

    Its a strange one isnt it! No she isnt a runner, but good thinking marion!