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  • Hi Vicky, I was going to post this in the Ce Chic Go Fast Nails thread but it's been closed :( I was just wondering if you think it would be possible to do crystal pedicures with the system? I heard some people use Resin & Activator to do their crystal pedis but I wasn't sure if this system was basically the same. Thanks! xx
    Hi vicky. Everything that u posted about troubles with nsi gel i have experienced!! It's so annoying. Have you found that trying a different lamp makes a diffrence? i just got a cheap one off ebay im thinking that may have been a mistake now :(
    Don't give up! I'm new too as of June this year! I resigned from my job, used my savings for training and business start up and started a business as well. It's scarey I know, and some days I don't feel like I'm doing well at it. Just try to stay positive and like the other ladies said, relax and cut yourself some slack. It's going to come. It did for everyone else who fought and won in this industry! Keep pushing, you'll get there!
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