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  • Hei! Thank you! You could try the dvd Fast Studio Designs by Viis Ilustuudio /Olesja Nikolenko at Viis Ilusalong .
    Glad I could help! I get the sharpest smile lines I have ever had doing it this way - I have many happy clients!

    Take care
    thats great though!! Tracey used to use the description of batmans ears lol to describe the shape , think its different for each person and once it clicks which it will things just get better and better, would be great to see some pics, bet you are way better thatn you are giving yourself credit for xx
    Hi Victoria, Part 1 is in the same tutorial under misc section it is above tutorial 2, I couldnt fit them both in one tutorial due to amount of photos so its split into 2. If you managed to find 2 then you should be able to see part 1
    no probs at all, you will get there!!! it's hard not to expect too much from youself sometimes eh?? it will just click one time, you will hear the penny drop and from there it's just going to better, if I can help any more just drop us a line xxx
    Hi Vicky Thanks so much for the picture comment its so nice when people comment on your pictures xx
    Thank you for that kind message, it means a great deal. It wasn't the fire as such that upset me as I'm not a materialistic person at all. But the fact that it happened while we were there scared me to death as I kept thinking 'what if' and then losing my salon hurt aswell as I'd worked soo hard to get to where I was.
    Anyways, it is all behind me now and I plan to build myself back up again. I know it'll be hard work again but I'm determined that nothing will knock me down this time x
    fab you need to chill...... Lauran is doin good seen a set she did the other day but she duno i have seen em lol
    you are soooooo funny if you need a chat you should just call. had a fab day at head office yesterday every day is a school day even for me i love it
    Tracey I have been trying to work out for the last 10 mins how to read my pm!!!! I'm so not pc literate, its embarassing!! Absolutely brilliant. Only had a chance to play with it, but seeing mum tomorrow. I HAVE to see you reg conversion, reverse and art course. Feeling really stuck in a rut. Lauren by now will be sculpting to perfection and I'm struggling to apply form...Grrrrrrrrr. Hee, hows you? x
    Been tryin to phone you honey but getting no reply is your phone working ok will try again 2morrow
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