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  • Hi Victoria, Its Jackie in Caterham here, just wanted to say hi. I've just joined this site, wish that i had found it ages ago!. I hear that you've been into the college today to check out the guns, OMG theres been some seriously bad spraying going on in there, its been like a scene from James Bonds Gold Finger in there!.
    Hoping to link a with a fellow geek in Coulsdon to get more practice with my spraying.
    Hope you're well, Jackie b xxx
    Hi Victoria, You tried phoning me the other day regarding spray tanning but you spoke to my partner. I am still really interested in training but am really confused about what to buy etc. I have never used sienna-x and would like to try it out.
    Hope you get this message soon.
    Sophie x
    Thanks for the info Victoria. So I will get the opportunity to purchase spritz & creams etc at my training? didnt know that thanks again. x
    Hiya - sorry not been able to get into my messages all weekend - nightmare !! I am great - how azre you ????? YOu going to GMex ?? x
    Hi Victoria!

    Thanks for the great training today!

    Got home and did 2 tans on my mum and sister and they were perfect! They both said I looked like I'd been doing it for years!

    I'll give you a call if I have any problems xxxx
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