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    Which tan solution is best?

    I was a big fan of Lauren's Way tan and was disappointed I could no longer get it, I've recently tried Ferne Beauty and im super pleased with the results, hope this helps xx
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    Extension suppliers

    I use Wonderful Hair Extensions and its such good quality hair! X
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    Spray tan

    I've been using Ferne Beauty and am extremely pleased with the results! xx
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    Hair extension suppliers

    Wonderful Hair Extensions, amazing quality! X
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    Which tan do people prefer?

    I have recently moved on to Ferne Beauty after using Lauren's Way for years! I'm actually very pleased with the results from Ferne Beauty x
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    Lauren's Gold

    Just to let you know I've recently tried Lauren's Gold samples and it is nothing like the original Lauren's Way tan which I'm very disappointed about! I've had to go back to tan tone on eBay to purchase my Lauren's Way tan
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    Which tan solution?

    I use Ferne Beauty and it's defiantly one of the best tans I've used! X
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    Tan solution

    I recommend using Ferne Beauty it's an amazing quality tan and it smells lovely! Xx
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    Which hair extensions supplier do I use?

    I get my hair done with Wonderful Hair Extensions cold fusion bonds, amazing quality xx
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    Hair extension recommendations

    I get my hair done with Wonderful Hair Extensions cold fusion bonds and they are great xx
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    Mobile spray tanning

    The best tan that ive used and is reasonably priced is Ferne Beauty x
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    Not loving Fake Bake anymore, suggestions?

    Ferne Beauty is a really good tan! xx
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    Best tan solutions

    Ferne Beauty is really good and you can purchase it from their website xx
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    Stained nails

    High street
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    Stained nails

    A base coat hasn't been used no