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  • Hi. Thank you for the rep! If you're interested, I have a few more interesting articles like homemade mani and pedi moisterizers and soaks.
    hey hun.... how are you and "the nails" lol....

    Thanks so much for doing me a favour by being my model. really apprieciated the tips and advice you gave me. getting better with the file lol and done my partners nails lol. He was very happy with them, said it felt very natural.
    I feel alot more confident doing natural nails and then painting them rather than the french.

    Well look forward to seeing you again next week. hope your well.
    hey hun, just making sure all is ok and your still up for tomorrow. looking forward to meeting you :)
    I have text you also so hope you reply to either or... just been nervous i may not have a model for the course in case you have changed your mind!!! Thanks alot... told ketan your coming lol :p

    AWW thanks hun soo much!!

    So what made you get into nails?? I see you also did the cnd l&p.... do you get alot of biz? how long did it take you to get properly up and running.
    Im currently a childminder but looking to give up now really want to focus on beauty... worked with children for 9 years and have 2 under 5's of my own so now want to so something different!
    do you work in a salon? or run mobile.?

    xx louisa
    Hi Hun,
    I just got your email, I haven't had the internet since before christmas!
    Well I have been fine thanks - how about you?... Not much has been happening, which can't be a bad thing Lol.
    Hope life is good for you and yours.
    Lauri x
    Thanks alot Tracy for your help, glad the nails are still on lol! have a lovely weekend! xxxx
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