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  • Rebekah, can you let me know what has happened to my certificate please? You know that Claire and I have been trying to contact you to get them. This is not fair you took our money and did the courses so please can you let us have the certificate??????
    Hi doll. How are you???? Don't see you on here much. Are you nice and busy?

    I did train a lady that mentioned you.......can't remember her name. Thanks for the referral though. xxx
    Hi hunny! I am no longer in Hornchurch - I relocated to the Midlands over 2 years ago! Good luck with the pamper evening xxx
    Thanks VS for the offer, but Iwill be in Mexico! Thanks anyway and keep me in mind for any other near ones x
    Hi hun, I desperately need to practice my Brisa, haven't done any for ages do you fancy practicing on each other. Business is real quiet at the mo so thought I might as well make some real use of it and just practice loads. Sacha xx
    Thats a shame i love doing nails!! Business is slowly building up so im happy havening a steady pace of 2-3 clients per week which is enough for now im planing on bokking my mani course next week once i have the money together. xx
    Oh wow good luck with both. You braver than me i cant take pain lol. Hows business going? have you done anymore nails? xx
    Ah she was so exited I said oh come and spray me lol She's loving it already!
    I'm sorry i couldnt come. I had to work :( xxx
    Hi babe. My sis was soooo impressed with her training with you today. She's just been to spray me. It looks wicked!! Thank's for that hun xxx
    hey chick. Could you pm me your number plz.my sis is going to call you as she wants to do th training asap xxx
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