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  • I did this treatment yesterday on the young lady I mentioned. She has quite dark brown brows and I was going to make them red, put the bleaching cream on and left it for probably 8-10 minutes checking every minute to see what was happening. When I felt they were light enough I removed the paste and brows were like a golden-ish colour. I would not think it ideal if this was the finished product. Put the red on and they are fabulous. I am thinking that after bleaching, keeping them still as light as possible if this was for a client who wanted lighter brows, they would require a hint of tint to take out that golden colour. I'm currently thinking the light brown on and off fairly quickly so as not to colour them too much. Jacqui xx
    Very cheap! That was the one major bonus, it was a real student town so most places had discounts and prices were generally low anyway. But this was 10 years ago so things may have changed.
    I studied at the university of central lancashire in Preston, it has top scores for psychology and had good facilities but I have to admit I didn't really enjoy the course because of the social side of it, but that could just have been a one off bad experience for me! It's a very interesting course. I did a BSc and it had loads of statistics and was very much a science based course with lots of empiricle studies which was the part I didn't enjoy much but the lectures were very interesting.
    Thanks for the rep, I know I should hand them out more often myself. I've read a lot of your posts that are really good but have forgotten about reps. X
    Thank you so much for the rep! PM me anytime you feel down and need some encouragement! I'm here for you! :hug:
    Just noticed you gave me a rep point! Thank you x

    p.s. what colour did you decide on for your bedroom??
    Have been home a couple of times but I prefer the North coast of Northern Ireland to over here any day! xx
    You're welcomemy darling. I am originally from just outside Belfast now living in Gloucester, been over here for ages mind! xxx
    You're welcome:hug:
    I get fed up of peeps posting things that should really not be guessed at and having lots of well meaning geeks giving an opinion when what is needed is a point of law. So glad you're here :lol:
    Hello, if you send me an email to sarah@cognitospa, I'll send you the prices lists & info as an attachment. Sarah :)
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